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Posted: August 30, 2010 in Get Educated

A friend recently asked me what books I’d recommend to learn more about the pro-life issue.  Following are some of the best I know about to educate yourself on the truth and speak with authority!  I’ve also included a couple internet links and a magazine recommendation.

Pro-Life Books

  • WHY PRO LIFE? by Randy Alcorn…Definitely the best book out there (in my humble opinion) on explaining the pro-life issue and answering lots of common questions. He takes a perspective on caring for the unborn and their mothers. He has also written plenty of other Christian fiction books, spiritual books, another pro-life book, one on the birth control pill, etc. Let’s just say he definitely is researched and knows what he’s talking about. We gave out copies of this book to people on the 2008 Personhood campaign.
  • THE PARTY OF DEATH by Ramesh Ponnuru…One of my favorites! Regardless of the fact that this is about the Democrat party, it provides fascinating information on the issue of abortion, including little known but extremely important facts.
  • CHRISTIAN ETHICS by Norman Geisler…The whole book is not written on abortion, but the abortion section is very informative, specifically from the Christian perspective.
  • ABORTING AMERICA by Bernard Nathanson (or anything by Bernard Nathanson)…His books are a good education on the issue as well. He was one of the founders of NARAL, performed thousands of abortions, and then changed his mind. Very interesting story.
  • THIRD TIME AROUND by George Grant “A History of the Pro-Life Movement from the First Century to the Present”…This is a book from 1991, and I bought it on Amazon. Pretty interesting info on what the church failed to do to stop abortions, and other historical info from our side of the movement.
  • BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD by Teresa R. Wagner “The Future of the Pro-Life Movement”…This book is actually a compilation of essays by a great number of pro-life leaders. It covers their ideas/research on the legal arena, scientific info, cultural aspects, and politics and religion as well. Not saying I agree with what every one of them says, but it definitely gives a broad perspective on the movement.

Books From the Other Side                                                                                                       

  • WHOSE LIFE?  A Balanced, Comprehensive View of Abortion From Its Historical Context to the Current Debate by Catherine Whitney…Ummmm…actually, this book is anything but balanced or comprehensive.  That’s what makes it interesting if your goal is to learn the opposition’s views and talking points.
  • ABORTION: A Doctor’s Perspective A Woman’s Dilemma by Don Sloan, M.D. with Paula Hartz…A very, very sad book.  However, it’s interesting to hear what this abortion doctor writes, including his admission that modernly, abortions are probably never necessary to preserve the life of the mother.
  • QUESTION OF CHOICE: The Lawyer Who Won Roe v. Wade by Sarah Weddington…If you want to hear from the attorney who actually argued Roe v. Wade, this is her book.

Magazine Recommendation and Web Links


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