Pro-Abortion Activists Forced to Admit Success of Pro-Life Movement

Posted: August 30, 2010 in In The News

You have to admit, since we’re the ones letting our children live, we’re going to gain some extra ground after awhile!  Even NARAL has been forced to admit this ( ).  Seriously, even though many pro-abortion people do have children, some of their children are wondering what it would be like to grow up in a world where vulnerable, innocent, unborn babies don’t live with the risk of being killed by their mothers at any moment.  Some of them are wondering what it would have been like to have that brother or sister who died through abortion.  So, some of them are becoming pro-life.

 Statistically, it’s clear that this new generation is more pro-life than their parents.  And not just more pro-life, but more actively and passionately pro-life.  Action and passion are the keys to changing any culture.  They are the keys to ultimate victory.  Action and passion move others to get involved; they persuade others that this is our job…we can sit by no longer!  

Read this article and see the excellent comments by Katie Walker, a friend of mine who is American Life League’s Spokesperson:  Katie speaks accurately for the young women of this generation…and young people as a whole…who are tired of seeing human life thrown in the trash day after day.  We want to see human life valued as God intended.  We want every baby seen as a precious gift, not as a throw-away doll.

So, pro-lifers, keep speaking up, keep reaching out, keep praying and asking God to change hearts, keep acting passionately.  Keep being THE VOICE OF LIFE.  Clearly, you ARE making a difference.


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