Lessons in Loss (and Victory)—Why Planned Parenthood’s Arguments Can’t Hold Up

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Contradictions, Get Educated

This is one of my rare LONG posts =).  If it’s too long for you to read in one sitting, I’ve organized the different points by color, so you can come back and read more later.  After you’ve read several points, I encourage you to do research yourself in order to be thoroughly educated on the truth and know how to argue against the rampant lies that are so prevalent in this debate…

Hopefully many of you have already watched the debate on Colorado’s 2010 Personhood Amendment between Gualberto Garcia Jones and Fofi Mendez.  If not, here’s the link:  http://video.cpt12.org/video/1594339218/.  Although the 2010 Colorado Personhood Amendment just lost, we have more Amendments coming up, beginning with Mississippi’s 2011 one.  We must continue to reveal and expose the lies of our opposition!

Relating to Our Opponents

 I’d first like to say that I think we pro-lifers need to work on loving our “opponents” instead of hating them.  Let’s see them through Christ’s eyes instead of our human eyes.  Do they contribute to the deaths of many innocent lives?  Yes.  Is that absolutely terrible?  Yes.  It’s terribly sad, and not just for the babies, but for our “opponents” who are involved in this.  Instead of hating them and acting holier than them, we should greet them kindly when we see them and pray for them consistently.  Think of how badly they need to see the love of our Savior.  Are we showing that to them?  Usually not…

Truth Can Only be Denied for So Long

Those comments aside, I took notes on a few important comments made in this debate.  We should pay attention to the comments and arguments of our opposition.  They can only deny the truth for so long.  Sooner or later, the truth comes out, bit by bit.  We must ask God to make us useful in continually revealing it.

  • Who is a Person?  In my 2008 debate with Fofi, she said that a person was someone who could walk, talk, and breathe on their own.  This is quite an admission for their side…what does that tell us about the person in a coma, in a wheelchair, or hooked up to a respirator during surgery?  I can’t even imagine how dangerous this view really is.
  • 7,000 Nurses and Doctors and Over 8,500 Medical Researchers—This is the number that supposedly is against the Personhood Amendment.  However, on the “No on 62” website, only one doctor is listed:  Warren Hern, the notorious abortionist in Boulder.  I’m sure Fofi was referring to the number of doctors in the Colorado Medical Society and similar organizations, but the problem is that several of those doctors have contacted me, stating that they do not support the position of their organization and that it does not speak for them.  Just because the board of the organization takes a certain position clearly does not mean that all the members agree, so this is a false claim.
  • If a Personhood Amendment Passes, Women Can be Charged for Manslaughter When a Miscarriage Happens—Ok, this is one of the most ridiculous charges out there.  First, was a woman ever charged for manslaughter for a miscarriage when abortion was illegal?  NO.  Second, if people are going to comment on the law, they really should know what they’re talking about.  As Guabe said, the Colorado manslaughter statute requires a “reckless disregard” standard—this is almost intent to kill.  Clearly, miscarriage is natural and does not fall under this definition. 
  • “Planned Parenthood should be honestare the contraceptives really contraception or abortafacients (chemical abortions)?”  And to answer this, Fofi stated:  “The birth control pill hopefully keeps fertilization from occurring.  If it does not, then the hormonal birth control pill will in fact create a hostile environment for that fertilized egg, keeping that individual from getting pregnant.”  In other words, causing an abortion.  If you “create a hostile environment” after fertilization has occurred, you are not allowing the growing human being to implant, thus causing his or her death.  This is the reality of the birth control pill and other common contraceptives that Planned Parenthood is finally admitting to.  They have lied to women for so many years, but the truth is finally coming out.
  • 20,000 Laws That Could be Affected  Honestly, this charge is amusing.  Personhood Amendments do not define an unborn child as a person for the sake of say, voting or taxes or car registration fees.  Look up the sections of the Colorado Constitution that are actually changed by the Amendment.  These sections clearly limit the application of the term person to fundamental rights.  Thankfully, being taxed is not currently a fundamental right.  This would not touch anywhere near 20,000 laws, and the opposition knows it.
  • A Personhood Amendment Would “[disrupt] all jurisprudence in the state”  Ok, this is not true based on my previous point.  But, even if it were true, didn’t freeing the slaves arguably “disrupt all jurisprudence”?  Didn’t giving women the vote “disrupt all jurisprudence”?  Isn’t recognizing a true right of humanity worth “disrupting all jurisprudence”?  We’ve lived through changes like that before, and I think we can live through them again.  Human life is worth our inconvenience.
  • Planned Parenthood’s “Big Business” (i.e. making millions through abortion)  When Fofi was asked to respond to this charge, she replied, “Mr. Jones is very confused about what Planned Parenthood…provides.  They in fact provide comprehensive reproductive healthcare services.”  Umm…sorry, but that’s just a fancy way of admitting that Planned Parenthood does in fact provide abortions and give out abortifacients (while calling them “birth control”) and charges overpriced amounts to kill children.  Whenever someone can’t directly answer a question, it’s because they don’t want to admit the truth.
  • Failing to Report Incest of Young Girls  Go to www.liveaction.org to find the true, documented cases Guabe was referring to.  Unfortunately, Fofi stated, “There is not a doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider out there who hears of a story of incest and is not reporting it.  We have mandatory reporting laws in the state of Colorado.”  Just because there’s a law doesn’t mean people follow it.  Maybe Fofi would report, but that certainly doesn’t mean everyone else would, and you can’t make a claim like this unless you personally know every doctor, nurse, and healthcare provider out there and unless you’ve investigated each of their cases.
  • Personhood Amendments Would Violate “the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship”  If the child in the womb is not also the doctor’s patient, why does the doctor try to save a wanted child?  Why can surgeon’s operate on an unborn child while he is still in the womb, as in the case of little Samuel Armas www.michaelclancy.com and my husband’s friend’s son?  Abortion, actually, is what violates the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship.
  • Personhood Amendments “balance rights of a woman’s fertilized egg against that woman”  Ok, wait a second.  Since when do we say that a woman’s rights are balanced against a man’s simply because a woman has the same right to vote that a man does?  Since when do we say that a black person’s rights are balanced against a white person’s rights simply because our Constitution finally recognized them as whole people?  When another human being gains a basic, fundamental right (like the right to life), we don’t resent that right as being against our own rights.  We celebrate that justice has finally been done.  And if anything proves that unborn children are viewed as property, not people, this statement surely does.  If you believe that a “fertilized egg” (a very unscientific term) is actually a child, then a woman owns her child just as a master owns his slave.  Scary stuff, if you ask me!
  • REMEMBER:  Every year, “enough children to fill the Pepsi Center are being killed or dismembered.”  That is why we continue to go on.  And, “the arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”  In the end, we will win.

The Greatest Lesson…a Paradox

Perhaps the greatest lesson to learn in all of this is the paradox of the Christian life in that things are not always what they seem because God is so much greater than our circumstances.  To the world, our efforts may look like a despairing loss, but our Savior walks beside us and whispers that He has already won the victory.  And one day, our eyes will gaze upon what we now see only in part.  One day, the victory and all the precious lives saved will be revealed to us in full.  We will not just know it was worth it…we will SEE with our own eyes that it was worth every moment.


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