Defying the Political Winds

Posted: November 18, 2010 in In The News, Pro-Life Leaders

I don’t claim to break news, just to remind you in case you missed it.  And seeing as these stories don’t come from the mainstream media you probably did!

First, check out this article on Congressman Mike Pence, a probable Republican candidate for president in 2012:   Many Republican politicians try to get away from the moral issues by emphasizing a supposedly needed focus on the economy and of course, national security.  Both are important issues, no doubt, but what is it worth if we gain the world but lose our soul?  Mike Pence comes from an unusual and refreshing breed of politicians.  He says, “We must never shrink from our stand for a strong national defense, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, and traditional moral values.”  Thank you!  For once, the economy is spoken of in terms of responsibility and traditional moral values are applauded and held up as essential.  As Christians, we should support politicians of Mike Pence’s caliber.  Mike Huckabee is another fine example.  Maybe it’s something with the name Mike?  =)

Read Congressman Chris Smith’s words about the influx of new pro-life Congressmen after the recent election: “The American people have spoken, and replaced 38 pro-abortion Members with pro-life Members and replaced 14 unreliable Members with reliable pro-life Representatives,” said Congressman Chris Smith, Co-Chairman of the Congressional Pro-life Caucus. “Of the 93 Members of the Freshman Class at least 77 are committed to defending the unborn.”  This is the kind of news I like to hear!  We need to hold these new Congressmen’s feet to the fire, though, and make sure they actually act pro-life, not just claim that they are.

Don’t miss this article on the surging numbers of pro-life women elected to high office  I agree with this quote from the Susan B. Anthony List’s President:  “This shift in numbers from pro-abortion to pro-life women is historic and no accident,” SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said.  “It is a corrective moment for the women’s movement which must either drop abortion out of its center or risk dropping off the face of the earth.”


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