Save the Storks & the Truth Behind Late-Term Abortions

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Contradictions, Pro-Life Leaders, Take Action Now

“Save the Storks”

Today, a friend told me about a website with a wonderful, innovative idea:  Please visit their site and learn about how this organization is trying to mobilize pregnancy center buses across the nation, starting in Dallas, Texas.  Basically, a Save the Storks bus will be equipped with an ultrasound machine and trained counselors.  The bus will be parked outside of an abortion clinic, and women will be offered a free ultrasound and also allowed to hear the heartbeat of their unborn child.  This is certainly a lot more than the abortion clinic offers them! 

Apparently, this idea was first hatched in New York City.  A pregnancy center there has their own bus and has been saving 25-30 babies every week!!  These are numbers we can get excited about!!  They estimate that 3 out of 5 babies are saved from abortion, thanks to the bus.  Here’s a link to a video that explains more:  Watch it and see how you can get involved!  Pass the word on…

In “Save the Stork’s” own words:   The combination of knowledge and compassion is key in most effectively meeting these women’s needs. The Save the Storks team is an ideally balanced combination of head and heart service that does just that. Initially, it is the offer of a free sonogram that draws women to the Stork bus. However, at the end of the day, it is the love and attention of highly trained counselors who are walking with women towards a brighter future that makes a lasting impact. Women walk away from the Stork bus feeling loved, hopeful, and reassured they have the strength and resources to give a new child life.

Why Dr. Pendergraft Says You Need a Late-Term Abortion

First, let’s be clear that Dr. James Pendergraft is under a double-suspension of his medical license in Florida.  Next, let’s realize that he runs a secret “Lethal Injection” clinic in the Washington, D.C. area, specifically designed to start late-term abortions for women whose babies have “fetal anomalies”.  Yes, that’s start late-term abortions.  You have to find someone else to finish them for you. 

Now that we have the background we need, let’s look at the reason Dr. Pendergraft says you might need a late-term abortion…fetal anomalies, of course.  You can find his entire list of fetal anomalies at

I started looking up these different anomalies on Wikipedia, and apparently, according to Dr. Pendergraft, you should kill your child if your child is too short, will need heart surgery later in life, might not be able to walk without a walker, or will need a kidney transplant.  But those aren’t even the best reasons. 

The best two reasons you should kill your child are because you drank too much alchohol and your child will be born with fetal alcohol syndrome (definitely NOT life-threatening) and because you have a negative blood type and your child has a postive blood type (something that can easily be cured with two shots).  But no, let’s just kill our child instead of subjecting ourselves to two shots.  Personally, I can hardly believe this is for real, but it definitely is.  These are the kind of abortion horrors that we need to expose.

  1. Chuck Peck says:

    The late-term abortion web site describes horrific procedures that left me with feelings of sadness for the women and men victimized by such crimes. The web site is grim, negative, classless, and written by someone with very poor English language skills.

    The writer talks about maladies that would make living difficult for the child, and as a solution, recommends action that would make living absolutely impossible for the child – murder. Sickening.

  2. David says:

    Thank you so much for writing about us on your blog. We would love to keep in touch, and get to know you.

    -David and the storks team.

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