Kudos to Live Action…once AGAIN…for coming up with an excellent, new pro-life graphic!  by Live Action

You can post this picture as your Facebook profile pic by going to this link:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/liveactionfilms/sets/72157626775602673/detail/.  I would assume you could pass it on to people online in other ways, too, but you may want to check with Live Action first.  Go to this link anyway to see more incredibly awesome and effective pro-life graphics! 

Do you have any ideas for a pro-life graphic…picture and words???

While we’re talking about Live Action, go here:  http://liveaction.org/blog/how-should-candidates-explain-opposition-to-abortion/ to read David Daleiden’s post “How Should Candidates Express Opposition to Abortion?”  This is particularly appropriate after Monday’s GOP debate with the presidential candidates.  I’d have to agree with David here…several of the candidates (namely Bachmann, Santorum, Pawlenty, and maybe more) likely are definite pro-lifers.  However, the same old language doesn’t do as much as creative, new language that really hits to the heart of the matter.  What would you like to hear pro-life candidates say about abortion??


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