About Kristi Brown

A Little Introduction

I am Kristi Burton Brown, a young woman who is first a Christian and, second, someone who believes with all my heart in saving unborn children.  I’m a 23 year old who just finished law school and recently got married. I’m a person who believes that God puts a passion in each of our hearts and calls us each to serve Him in a unique way.  I’m just a normal person who wants to follow my Savior wherever He leads.  And following my Savior led me to start a pro-life campaign in Colorado from 2006-2008.

According to blogs and news stories, I am:

“A right-wing Christian fundamentalist[1],” “Cracker of the week[2],”  “Maverick for life[3],”  “Face of ‘personhood’ issue young, resolute[4],”  “Not exactly beloved by the anti-abortion movement[5],”  “Teen leads Colorado pro-life group[6],”   “The wind-up doll[7],” “A young true believer[8],”   “The Colorado Kid—not much more than a child herself[9].” 

Back in 2007 when the first news story was written about me, I was 19 years old and had recently co-sponsored the Colorado Personhood Amendment.  This law, if passed, would have defined every unborn child in Colorado as a human being from the very moment of his or her creation. 

Why Personhood?

God says we are persons when we are created, not just when we are born.  Actually, our very own Declaration of Independence says the same thing, so this is not a purely religious issue at all:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” (not born equal).  Modern medical science says that the moment of fertilization (that’s creation in a scientific word) is when a new, unique, individual human being is created.  Our laws should reflect this obvious truth.

Starting Colorado’s Personhood Amendment

In Colorado (and some other states), any citizen 18 years or older, can write and “sponsor” a law.  If you and others can collect enough signatures from people around the state, your law can make it on the ballot, and every voter will vote “yes” or “no”.  This process is an awesome way for every citizen to get personally involved in their government.

I had asked an attorney friend of mine to write up the language for our law, and he did a great job of making it one simple sentence, defining every human being as a person.  Many organizations and medical professionals in Colorado supported our campaign, and thousands of people around the state became donors and volunteers.  We turned in over 130,000 signatures…almost double the number we were required to turn in.  Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, NARAL, and other pro-abortion organizations took us to court, but the Colorado Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that we could be on the ballot. 

Life on the Campaign

My main job throughout the campaign was to be the spokesperson.  I did radio, TV, and newspaper interviews.  I debated one of the opposition’s top debaters…for the first debate of my life.  That took faith in God!  I traveled throughout the state and spoke to college groups, churches, political assemblies, and at press conferences.  Throughout this whole experience, my family was wonderful…my dad was the other co-sponsor and our campaign manager, my mom managed our office, and my brothers were my “bodyguards” and anything else they needed to be.  I could take up this whole post thanking everyone else who helped to operate the campaign, gave money just when we needed it, and took their free time to volunteer to save the babies.   I met some amazing people in the two years I dedicated to this campaign.

Election Results

In November of 2008, we lost 73% to 27%.  But over half a million voters in Colorado had voted “yes;” that every human being should be called a person at the moment they’re created.  In a normal election year, that many votes may have been almost enough to win.  But in 2008, it wasn’t. 

Now, nearly two years after the 2008 election, I still believe that the battle hasn’t even begun to be over yet.  There are still millions of babies to save.  There are hearts to win.  There are lives to change and win for Christ.  Currently, other groups have placed two new Personhood Amendments on state ballots–Amendment 62 in Colorado and a Personhood Amendment in Mississippi for 2011.  I believe that in the end, we will win—no matter how many losses we go through first.  Each loss is simply an obstacle on the path to ultimate victory.  So I can never, ever give up.  None of us can.

Lessons Learned

As a young person, this campaign was one of the best experiences of my life.  I learned what it means to hear from God and to follow Him.  I learned about trusting Him even when nothing makes sense.  I learned that He does not always call us to victory, but to be faithful.  I know that every person has a passion deep in their heart to serve…and I believe we all can find it.  God put it there, and He will finish the good work He has started.  I’d like to challenge you to find your passion, answer your calling, and make a difference in your world for Christ.  It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are.  You are God’s child and with His power behind you, you are unstoppable through every obstacle and unbeatable through every loss.  Never forget that.

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