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Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course, this is great news!  SFLA details some bad news as well, including the fact that Planned Parenthood is still good at marketing lies to our youth.  In fact, 48% weren’t even sure whether or not Planned Parenthood provides abortion.  That’s scary.  And a wake-up call to us to keep spreading the truth.  I personally think the saddest part of the study is that 58% of young adults don’t know where to point a pregnant friend in need.  We definitely need to do a better job of making pro-life resources, crisis pregnancy centers, etc. more easily accesible and well-known.  We can do this by finding out the resources in our area and letting our friends – specifically any young adults – know, with the request that they tell their friends.  The information will spread if we make the effort to spread it.  Let me know if you have questions on how to find out the resources in your area – I’m more than happy to help!

SFLA encourages pro-lifers to keep educating young adults.  As part of the young generation, I join them in calling on all pro-lifers to give young adults the information that they need – whether they’re actively seeking it out or not.  You make a difference for us when you speak the truth!  Thank you!  Keep it up!  Consider purchasing copies of this book to hand out:  “Why Pro-Life?”.  It’s an amazingly simple, clear, and interesting way to explain the details and the basics about the pro-life message.  The books are only $1 each if you buy 50 or more.  Why not buy enough to hand out to your church’s youth group, college group, or your high school kid’s class?  Keep some extras on hand for that moment when you WILL need them =)

Ok, I’ve detailed more about SFLA’s study on my post at Live Action.  Or, you can look at the study for yourself here.



How do you think we can convince Christians – and others – in our culture to view the pro-life issue as something THEY need to get involved with instead of viewing it as a mere political issue?  Where’s the disconnect?  We look back on slavery and are convinced we would have done something to stop it, yet that was a “political issue” in its day.  Any answers or thoughts?  I’d love to hear what you think…

33 days after lip surgrey, age at ten months

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This is crazy.  Apparently, a surrogate mother is currently being pressured to abort her child by the adoptive parents.  The reason?  The baby has a cleft lip/palate and may also have a heart condition.  Cleft lips are EASILY corrected by surgery and should not even be considered a birth “defect,” in my opinion.  The major effects are clearly reversible.  In addition, many people live happy and fairly easy, healthy lives with a variety of heart conditions.

No parent should abort their child, but especially not for a horrible reason like this.  Reportedly, the surrogate mom is pro-life, but she definitely needs our prayers.  Read more here, and pray for strength for her and a choice for life.


Komen_12 (Photo credit: Tennessee State University)

UPDATE:  The Komen Foundation caved under pressure and the bullying tactics of Planned Parenthood and changed their decision to defund Planned Parenthood.  This, of course, is terrible.  Planned Parenthood should not be able to use mob-style tactics to force a grantor to give them funds.

On January 31st, the news broke that the Komen G. Foundation (Race for the Cure) has decided to break monetary ties with Planned Parenthood and stop giving them money.  This is incredible news!!  Of course, Planned Parenthood has stepped onto their bully pulpit as usual and is pounding Komen for their decision. Since when does a grantee attack a grantor for ending donations?!

Pro-lifers need to stand with Komen and thank them for defunding Planned Parenthood!  It’s very simple to send a short email, thanking Komen for their important, ground-breaking decision.

Send them an email–right now–here:

You can also sign a petition, thanking Komen here:

Please take the time to do this.  We know that Planned Parenthood is having their supporters email Komen by the thousands.  While it’s virtually impossible for Komen to change their minds (based on a new rule their organization adopted), they still need to know that we stand with them.  Komen adopted a rule stating that they will no longer fund organizations who are being investigated at a local, state, or federal level.  Congress has a pending investigation into Planned Parenthood, and several states have ongoing investigations as well.  Planned Parenthood is a very corrupt organization that is on its way to an end.

For more information, read Jill Stanek’s inside scoop:  You can also keep updated on Live Action’s blog:  Or, follow me on Twitter @KBurtonBrown.

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Have you ever thought that it’s pretty stinkin’ hard to keep track of everything that goes on in this world related to the pro-life issue?  I sure have!  Every day, it seems, new developments are occurring.  Happily, 2011 was one of the best years…if not THE best year…for pro-lifers since Roe v. Wade.  Many new pro-life laws were put states.  Congress held a vote to completely defund Planned Parenthood.  (Sadly, it didn’t pass this time around.)  Media attention is increasingly highlighting the pro-life issue.  The recent GOP presidential pro-life forum, televised by C-SPAN and live-streamed by CNN is evidence of this.

So, four ideas for you to keep up with all that’s happening in the pro-life movement:

1)  Subscribe to Google Alerts for news on “abortion,” “pro-life,” and “personhood.”  Any other term relating to the issue that you’d like to watch is fair game!  (Think Roe v. Wade, stem cell research, euthanasia, etc.)

2)  Visit Live Action’s blog every day–or at least once a week–to catch up on news you may have missed.  Live Action usually makes multiple posts by multiple writers every day!  It’s a busy place over there =)

3)  Sign up for Family Research Council’s annual ProLifeCon.  This is coming up on January 23, and it’s a webcast.  You can find out how to more effective in broadcasting the pro-life message from the comfort of your own home!  The speakers include pro-life pioneer U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, Dr. Gerard Nadal, Live Action President Lila Rose, and Michael Clancy–the photographer of the famous picture where little Samuel Armas reaches out from his mother’s womb to grab the doctor’s finger.  Sign up for the webcast here.

4)  Watch the video of the GOP pro-life presidential forum.  If you’re still undecided on who to vote for, this may help you make up your mind!  (Hint, hint, don’t vote for Mitt Romney.)  Here’s the link to the video.

Happy learning!  Happy researching!  And happy saving lives!!!  Through God’s grace, we ARE making a difference.  YOU are making a difference.  Keep it up.

Hope & Faith
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Sometimes quitting sounds so good.  I mean, honestly, do you ever feel like you want to quit?  I know I’ve felt that way.  No matter how much I believe that unborn babies—and all human beings—are worth fighting for, it can seem too hard some days.  It sounds a whole lot easier to just lay down this burden we carry and let another take it up.  It would feel so nice to forget about all the evil we’re trying to stop.

Or would it?  Would we really feel good if we left the voiceless innocent in the dust?  We’re not just fighting for a good cause here.  We’re fighting for people who literally cannot stand up for themselves.  If we go away, they have no hope.  They can never speak up and protect themselves.

We cannot quit.  We cannot end our efforts.  It’s ok to admit discouragement, disappointment, and hardships.  It’s ok to feel overwhelmed.  But it’s not ok to give up or quit.  Too many lives depend on our commitment.

Still, a resigned attitude—Ok, ok, I guess I’m in this to stay because I have to be—isn’t the kind of attitude our movement needs.  Trust me, I’ve questioned exactly what God is doing before.  I’ve wondered why He doesn’t hurry up and end abortion.  But I’ve learned that people blame God for way too many things.  People have a free will; we have a choice.  And sadly, too many people use their choices to keep abortion legal.

I’ve also learned that faith in God and faith in truth prevailing isn’t about expecting a certain outcome exactly when we decide that it’s essential.  True faith is recognizing that God does indeed have a plan.  The victory over death was already won on the cross, centuries ago.  Sometimes God doesn’t ask us to fight to achieve victory.  He asks us to fight as a test of who we really care about and Who we really follow.  He uses us to save lives—whether it be one or countless many—in the process.  And one day, abortion will end.  That is a surety.

I believe we will see abortion end in our lifetime.  I believe we will see death’s doors close and accept no more children.  I believe we will see life valued.  I believe we will see society welcome babies as the precious little ones they are.  I believe there is hope.  I believe in a God Who works miracles.  I believe.

I’d challenge you not to overlook how you truly feel inside about working on the pro-life issue.  If you are rearing to go and out-of-your-mind excited right now, that is AWESOME!!  We need people to feel like that!  If you never get discouraged because you’ve already learned what faith and hope are, hang on to them!

But, if you do occasionally question the length of this battle; if you wonder what will happen one day; if you are asking if you really have the strength to keep trying—examine your heart.  Find out why you are really fighting.  Remind yourself of the truth you believe.  And picture all the nameless unborn children who cannot utter a single sound in their own defense.  I know that you, like me, do not want to leave them behind.

Doubt, discouragement, and hopelessness will attempt to plague most of us.  But we have the choice to reject these monsters and send them back to the pit where they belong.  We can make the choice for hope.  We can choose Hope itself in Christ, Who first came to earth as an unseen unborn Child.  We can choose to believe.  We can choose the attitude of faith.

Doubt sees the obstacles,
Faith sees the way!

Doubt sees the darkest night,
Faith sees the day!

Doubt dreads to take a step,
Faith soars on high!

Doubt questions, “Who believes?”
Faith answers, “I!”

–Author Unknown


Baby toesThis morning, I read an excellent article about the effects of abortion on women, men, and other family members.  The author is correct when she recognizes that abortion has a ripple effect.  Not only does it end the life of an innocent human being; it also does major damage to the lives and relationships of many others…the mother, sometimes the father, a friend who encouraged the abortion, parents who were “almost-grandparents”, siblings who lost a brother or sister…the list goes on, as Jane Brennan points out.

I’d encourage you to read her poignant article, sharing her personal experience here:

Here is an excerpt of what Jane shares:  “The pain of abortion is a pain many women continue to suffer in isolation or silence. I recently compiled a book of women who have chosen abortion, and in their stories I see the same sorrow, pain, agony and guilt I felt that so often gets unreported amid the jumble of political rhetoric focused on rights. In one story, Marie shares: The despair deepened and turned quickly to depression. I remember sitting in the bathroom during a break at my summer job, seriously considering suicide. I could just take one of these box-cutters from the back room-end it all. Right here. Right now. “

Jane gives hope for healing to women who have already chosen abortion.  And to those who are on the brink of making their choice, she has some thoughts that cannot go unread.  For example:

“Today’s world is all about comfort, it’s all about “me.” Our society has convinced us of the “inconveniences” of life and that we need not endure them. Yet, I and so many others have learned that “inconvenience” builds character and makes us stronger. In fact, these “inconveniences” can even be better for us than the alternative.”

I agree wholeheartedly with Jane that we suffer from a culture of convenience.  Because we are often so busy looking at what we want in the here and now, we forget to have faith for the unseen blessings ahead.  Since we cannot see our unborn child, we choose to believe they must not be a real person.  The women who accidentally see the arms, legs, and heads of their aborted children after abortion are usually devasted for life.  Choosing convenience is weak.  Choosing to break out of our circumstances, even when it seems that we can’t, is a strong choice.  Strong women are built by hard choices that care for others.  Once we are pregnant, we have a duty to care for the small life developing under our heart.  Choosing life may be hard, but it is the best choice for everyone involved…

Here are resources to help women who have already had an abortion and for those who are pregnant and looking for help:

Post-Abortive Women:

Women Needing Help to Continue Their Pregnancies:

Note:  Some of these sites/resources claim that abortion or emergency contraceptives (chemical abortions) are options for women.  I disagree.  It should never be an option for us to intentionally kill an innocent little person.  However, these sites will point you to good resources and help in keeping your baby or choosing adoption.

baby stoner

MOM and BABY (istolethetv via Flickr)

Plaque at the site of the home of William Wilb...

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Dear Friends,

By now, you have likely heard the news coming from Mississippi.   Although the vote was the closest yet for Personhood, it did not emerge victorious this time.  Yet, a great battle was waged in Mississippi that stretched to the corners of our nation and beyond.  Lives were changed and saved. Beliefs were challenged and hearts transformed.  You inspire us, Mississippi!

I will admit something very personal to you.  As the sponsor of the 2008 Colorado Personhood Amendment, I was incredibly disappointed—to put it mildly—when we lost.  I had truly believed we would win.  My faith in God was shaken.  For two years, I had difficulty accepting what had happened.  I questioned God.  But through prayer, God’s great goodness, and the support of my family, I learned a key truth.

If we fight expecting to win, we may be discouraged.  If, instead, we fight to proclaim the truth, we will always have hope to hang on to.  We will have the strength to go on.  After all, where are we told that our only purpose is to win every battle?  My Bible tells me that I am called to cry out for the innocent and to speak up for the truth.  That, in itself, is a great victory.

Now, three years after our first loss in Colorado, I’m back, along with many others who have been here all along.  We’re going to come at this yet again here in Colorado.  I have a deeper understanding of our good God and an even greater determination to end this evil.  Please join me, once more.  Details will follow soon.

Now is not the time to stop.  It is the time to push forward, harder than ever! Civil rights movements are never recognized as civil rights movements until they win.  Ironic, isn’t it?  Until we win, we will be mocked and truth may be cast aside by some for a little longer.  But, one day, we will win.

You have been a part of this victory all along.  You have stood firm.  You have spoken  for those who have no voice.  You have rescued innocent lives sentenced to death.  You have been a watcher on the wall in our generation.  You have said, “No more!” and you have followed your words with actions.  We will be calling on you to act once again.

Civil rights movements often take years to win.  Take, for example, South Carolina’s ballot initiative to allow women the right to vote.  It took seven times on the ballot for this to win.  Seven times.  Surely, we can be even more committed to an issue that touches innocent children.  William Wilberforce fought for twenty years in England before slavery was stopped.  Winning can enable us to save many, many lives.  We cannot turn back.

We are committed that no baby will be left behind.  But this commitment goes far deeper than an Election Day victory.  Win or lose, babies are saved.  At what other time do we get a chance to let our voices be heard in the media, in our small towns, big cities, and statewide?  The 2012 Personhood Campaign in Colorado will be the perfect opportunity to speak eloquently in the defense of all innocent human life.  We have a platform.  We must take this chance to speak again.  And we speak by acting.  By acting now.

No matter how many years we work, do not be discouraged.  Do not lose heart or give up hope.  Great movements, throughout history, have been great battles.  They have been long battles that require sacrifice.  Many would see obvious reasons to quit.  But we see no such reason.  Through victory and through loss, we are proclaiming the light of truth in our corner of the world.  We are obeying the call to stomp down injustice and give the voiceless innocent a voice.

Please join us, once again, in 2012.  We need you.  A great battle requires many soldiers.  A great movement requires many essential parts.  You are a soldier.  You are an essential part.  We cannot promise victory in Colorado in 2012.  But this we can promise:  together, we will raise a voice for the innocent so loud that it will reach the very gates of Heaven and storm the gates of Hell.

Stand true for life!

Kristi Burton Brown

For Your Encouragement:

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”- Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher-Stowe, American abolitionist a...

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“A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent” -John Calvin

“So enormous, so dreadful, so irremediable did the trade’s wickedness appear that my own mind was completely made up for abolition. Let the consequences be what they would: I from this time determined that I would never rest until I had effected its abolition.”  –William Wilberforce

Ok, I promised that my next post would include information about the Mirena IUD. Most of us already know that the IUD likely causes abortions before the mother is even aware that she’s pregnant.  But there’s been some talk that the Mirena IUD is different, so I studied it out.  Here’s the results I came up with:

English: Mirena IntraUterine System Deutsch: M...

English: Mirena IntraUterine System Deutsch: Mirena Hormonspirale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1)     Causes Harm/Side Effects for Many Women  Did you know about the possible lawsuit against the company who makes Mirena because of all the bad side effects, specifically in younger women?  Also, the FDA themselves actually put out a warning letter to the company…and we know that the FDA rarely does anything!

2)     Stops Implantation:  This site (and several others I found) say that Mirena may stop ovulation in some women, but it does not in most.  It also says that one way Mirena works is to stop a baby from implanting if a woman does get pregnant (even though, of course, some people do stay pregnant, but that is apparently rare).  Of course, if implantation is stopped, the baby dies.

3)     Risks Danger and Possible Death to Women and Babies:  You have to scroll down a ways on this one, but under the warnings and precautions, it talks about how up to half of women
who get pregnant on Mirena have an ectopic pregnancy (and other random, weird things that can happen).  There is always the risk of death for the woman (and of course the baby) with an ectopic pregnancy.  I know the FDA warned the company that makes Mirena that they are not being up front enough with people about all the risks and side effects that Mirena can have/has had with some women.  Pretty scary stuff if you ask me!

4)  IUD Must Be Removed:  If you do have a Mirena and get pregnant, you are warned to get it removed as soon as possible.  Otherwise, it has the potential of causing death in you or the baby.  Death to the baby, specifically, is still a risk with the process of having the IUD removed. Not a good thing, either way you look at it.

5)  Doctors Don’t Always Reveal the Full Truth:  From my own personal experience, I know there are even pro-life doctors who have no problem recommending birth control that actually does stop a baby from implanting and living. You would think they would only prescribe stuff that prevents fertilization, but this is often not true, unfortunately. All too often, to get the full facts, you need to do your own research and go to the manufacturer’s site. I’ve never personally seen a manufacturer’s site that doesn’t disclose whether the birth control prevents implantation or poses dangers to women. (Though I wouldn’t doubt if there are some out there! For example, I know the FDA railed on Bayer for not fully revealing Mirena’s dangers to women.)

Summary:  Why use a “birth control” method that is likely to cause death for a baby/babies you never knew about?  Why use a device that hugely increases your odds of suffering an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage if you have it removed during pregnancy?  Why choose a “contraceptive” that is manufactured by a company that even the FDA calls misleading?  Why use the Mirena IUD if you are risking your own health and life in the process, along with your baby’s?

Follow the link below to a helpful graphic that illustrates some of the dangers of Mirena:

Learn more about this information here!

A monument dedicated to the unborn victims of ...

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40 Days for Life’s blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites!  (  If you want to be encouraged in your work to save innocent lives, head over there.  You’ll also find amazing facts and real truth.  But there is one story you absolutely MUST read: story tells of three babies, all saved on one day, at one clinic in part because an ultrasound technician just “happened” to show up.  It has the fingerprints of God and the gentle breeze of miracles all over it.  You will probably cry when you read it because it’s that beautiful…

If you’ve never been involved with 40 Days for Life, please check them out!  They have an amazing ministry, praying and peacefully counseling outside of abortion clincs.  Thousands of babies have been saved through their work!  It is incredibly easy to get involved.  Go to and sign up!  It’s not too late, they’re only on Day 17 this time around.  And already, 174 babies have been saved…

In Other News

Loss for Students for Life of America is Heaven’s Gain

Students for Life of America lost a hero in Kortney Blythe Gordon and her unborn baby, Sophy, when they were killed in a head-on collision earlier this month.  They were driving back from a pro-life training in Georgia.  We mourn their loss, but know the angels in Heaven are rejoicing.  I had the awesome privilege of meeting Kortney, and I just pray that we all may have that much life and enthusiasm in us as we fight for the babies.  Pray for her new husband, Ben, and also for Jon Scharfenberger who is still in critical condition.  Pray that Jesus touches him…

Unbelievable:  Suspension Recommended for Phil Kline  Phil Kline, a heroic pro-life attorney, who spearheaded investigations into Planned Parenthood as Kansas’ attorney general is now under attack.  This is what he says:

The  ethics process is being used to punish political opponents.  Even so, the  dominant tragedy in this saga is that through my investigation it was learned  hundreds of children were sexually abused in Kansas, and Kansas has still done  nothing.  Nothing in the panel’s 185 page opinion can alter that  truth.  I upheld my duty, upheld my oath of office and the integrity  of my profession.  My “mistake” was my willingness to investigate politically  powerful people and to let that investigation go where the evidence led.  It is  a decision, however, I would repeat and I will continue to speak and stand for  the truth and for those who cannot speak for themselves.  May we all be willing to repeat such “mistakes.”

President Obama Changes His Mind

Remember how Obama promised that ObamaCare would not fund abortions?  Remember how he convinced pro-life Democrat legislators to pass his plan based on this promise?  Remember how many were saying that his executive order really didn’t mean anything?  Well, that’s right. 

Despite Obama’s earlier assurances, here’s what’s said now about a bill the House to trying to pass to ensure that no federal funds will go to abortion under ObamaCare:  “H.R. 358 goes well beyond the safeguards found in current law and reinforced in the President’s Executive Order by restricting women’s private insurance choices. If the President is presented with H.R. 358, his senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill.”

Right, so that’s what we should have known all along…Obama wants to make abortion federally funded in any way possible.  Read the details here:

Looking Back:  Be sure to read my post “Saving the Babies of Juarez” to find out how you can help babies in Mexico that are dying before the age of 6 months because of no food.

Looking Ahead:  My next post will discuss specifics about why the Mirena IUD is not safe for women and how it is an abortifacient.  Learn what to say to your friends!

Ok, it’s time to take action…

Did you know that just ten hours from the Denver Metro area, up to 25% of babies are dying before they reach six months of age?  And no, this death rate has nothing to do with abortion.  It has everything to do with malnutrition and lack of food.  And you can do something about it!

I just found out from “Babies of Juarez” that, in Juarez, Mexico, many babies wear the same diaper for four days or longer.  The familes are too poor to afford new diapers, and there’s not enough water to make cloth diapers an option.  According to the flyer I read,

A mom will go to the store with enough money for one diaper.  The diapers are used and reused until they can no longer hold anything more, and the mom will go back to the store with just enough money to buy a new one.  Our team in the clinic saw babies with horrible sores on their bottoms and the parents with no means to help them.

The even greater tragedy is that the babies are dying due to lack of food.  Many mothers in the area–specifically in Kilometer 30, an area of Juarez–are too malnourished themselves to breastfeed, and their milk dries up all too quickly.

Up to twenty-five percent of the babies in Kilometer 30 don’t live longer than six months.  It’s extremely common for parents to not name their babies until after six months because of the terribly high infant mortality rate.  Formula is literally life itself to these people.

Reading this breaks my heart.  I’m sure it breaks yours.  But there is something we can do to help save these babies!  Go to and click on the “Get Involved” tab.

  • You can collect diapers and formula and have them picked up at your house or you can drop them off at one of the organization’s hubs.
  • You can make a tax deductible donation…and 100% of your money goes to buy diapers and formula.
  • You can organize a diaper and formula drive at your business, club, school, church, VBS, neighborhood, kids’ consignment sale, AWANA group, or for your own missions trip.
  • And of course, you can spread the word!
  • Please spend some time looking around the website to find ideas of what you can do.  For example, one mom wrote saying that her two children, ages 5 and 8, were going to pass flyers around their neighborhood and ask people for donations.  I know that you can often find new diapers at thrift stores or formula (or formula coupons) on Craigslist.  You could always email the people on Craigslist and see if they are willing to donate their formula to the cause.  If you have more ideas, post them in a comment below!

How does Babies of Juarez work?  Here is a little clip from the website:

I thought it might be helpful to give a quick rundown of how the ministry works. It’s delightfully simple and effective. People like you donate supplies or money to purchase supplies. There’s a hub in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and one in Gilbert, Arizona, has recently been added. We collect and store the diapers and formula. When a team is going to the colonias for a house-building project through Missions Ministries, the supplies are loaded and sent with that team. Missions Ministries distributes the supplies to the five local pastors in their area of service down in the colonias outside Juarez. The five pastors then distribute to the families under their care. Over the years we’ve seen pastors come the very night we arrive, late in the evening, because they knew of a hungry baby who desperately needed food. It’s a life I can only imagine. And overwhelming to say the least. Since this project started in 2007 we’ve sent 23 big loads to Juarez (see for pictures) and as a result the infant mortality rate has dropped significantly. It’s been my life-changing privilege to gather supplies from all of you these past few years. Thank you.

You can also email or call Quinn Anderson for more info at 303-668-8221 or

Together, let’s work to save these babies!!!