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Have you ever thought that it’s pretty stinkin’ hard to keep track of everything that goes on in this world related to the pro-life issue?  I sure have!  Every day, it seems, new developments are occurring.  Happily, 2011 was one of the best years…if not THE best year…for pro-lifers since Roe v. Wade.  Many new pro-life laws were put states.  Congress held a vote to completely defund Planned Parenthood.  (Sadly, it didn’t pass this time around.)  Media attention is increasingly highlighting the pro-life issue.  The recent GOP presidential pro-life forum, televised by C-SPAN and live-streamed by CNN is evidence of this.

So, four ideas for you to keep up with all that’s happening in the pro-life movement:

1)  Subscribe to Google Alerts for news on “abortion,” “pro-life,” and “personhood.”  Any other term relating to the issue that you’d like to watch is fair game!  (Think Roe v. Wade, stem cell research, euthanasia, etc.)

2)  Visit Live Action’s blog every day–or at least once a week–to catch up on news you may have missed.  Live Action usually makes multiple posts by multiple writers every day!  It’s a busy place over there =)

3)  Sign up for Family Research Council’s annual ProLifeCon.  This is coming up on January 23, and it’s a webcast.  You can find out how to more effective in broadcasting the pro-life message from the comfort of your own home!  The speakers include pro-life pioneer U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, Dr. Gerard Nadal, Live Action President Lila Rose, and Michael Clancy–the photographer of the famous picture where little Samuel Armas reaches out from his mother’s womb to grab the doctor’s finger.  Sign up for the webcast here.

4)  Watch the video of the GOP pro-life presidential forum.  If you’re still undecided on who to vote for, this may help you make up your mind!  (Hint, hint, don’t vote for Mitt Romney.)  Here’s the link to the video.

Happy learning!  Happy researching!  And happy saving lives!!!  Through God’s grace, we ARE making a difference.  YOU are making a difference.  Keep it up.

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Seriously, 33% of their income comes from tax-payer dollars?  Even though it’s a billion-dollar-a-year corporation?  And 37% of their total profit comes from abortions?  Although they claim to be a “non-profit” they still make quite an income.  Wow…don’t you think we should continue to spend our hard-earned dollars supporting this abortion giant, who, by the way, does not perform mammagrams, despite everyone’s contention that all this tax-payer money is really for “cancer screenings”…

Read on to find the truth about Planned Parenthood. (The following was written by Family Research Council.)

“For over three decades Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion company, has received billions in taxpayer funds. Despite being a billion-dollar-a-year corporation, Planned Parenthood annually receives $363,200,000 — 33 percent of its income — from “government grants and contracts,” that is, from taxpayer dollars.
With this money, Planned Parenthood claims it performs “benevolent services.” However 97.6 percent of the “services” they provided for pregnant women in 2009 ended in the abortion of the womens’ children, and only 2.4 percent involved prenatal care or adoption referral. Income from abortions constitutes 37 percent of their total profit!
The abortion giant performed fewer than 20,000 other services in its last reporting year — including zero mammograms. All while performing 332,278 abortions. Suddenly, the $363,200,000 a year for “reproductive health care” doesn’t seem like such a bargain for taxpayers, does it?
During these fiscally troubled times, taxpayers should not be subsidizing organizations that perform abortions — especially when they have demonstrated they do not need it. The nonprofit organization had income over expenses of $85,000,000 in 2008, and $63,400,000 in 2009. It reports some offsetting investment losses — but welcome to the club. Its annual budget today exceeds $1 billion. The money would be better served going to Title X recipients who do not have abortion as their central product.
Contact your Senators today, and urge them to stand with you in advancing a responsible culture of life by voting to defund Planned Parenthood.

In mere days the U.S. Senate will vote to defund Planned Parenthood, e-mail them now and urge them to vote YES on defunding this abortion giant! “