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Ok, it’s time to take action…

Did you know that just ten hours from the Denver Metro area, up to 25% of babies are dying before they reach six months of age?  And no, this death rate has nothing to do with abortion.  It has everything to do with malnutrition and lack of food.  And you can do something about it!

I just found out from “Babies of Juarez” that, in Juarez, Mexico, many babies wear the same diaper for four days or longer.  The familes are too poor to afford new diapers, and there’s not enough water to make cloth diapers an option.  According to the flyer I read,

A mom will go to the store with enough money for one diaper.  The diapers are used and reused until they can no longer hold anything more, and the mom will go back to the store with just enough money to buy a new one.  Our team in the clinic saw babies with horrible sores on their bottoms and the parents with no means to help them.

The even greater tragedy is that the babies are dying due to lack of food.  Many mothers in the area–specifically in Kilometer 30, an area of Juarez–are too malnourished themselves to breastfeed, and their milk dries up all too quickly.

Up to twenty-five percent of the babies in Kilometer 30 don’t live longer than six months.  It’s extremely common for parents to not name their babies until after six months because of the terribly high infant mortality rate.  Formula is literally life itself to these people.

Reading this breaks my heart.  I’m sure it breaks yours.  But there is something we can do to help save these babies!  Go to and click on the “Get Involved” tab.

  • You can collect diapers and formula and have them picked up at your house or you can drop them off at one of the organization’s hubs.
  • You can make a tax deductible donation…and 100% of your money goes to buy diapers and formula.
  • You can organize a diaper and formula drive at your business, club, school, church, VBS, neighborhood, kids’ consignment sale, AWANA group, or for your own missions trip.
  • And of course, you can spread the word!
  • Please spend some time looking around the website to find ideas of what you can do.  For example, one mom wrote saying that her two children, ages 5 and 8, were going to pass flyers around their neighborhood and ask people for donations.  I know that you can often find new diapers at thrift stores or formula (or formula coupons) on Craigslist.  You could always email the people on Craigslist and see if they are willing to donate their formula to the cause.  If you have more ideas, post them in a comment below!

How does Babies of Juarez work?  Here is a little clip from the website:

I thought it might be helpful to give a quick rundown of how the ministry works. It’s delightfully simple and effective. People like you donate supplies or money to purchase supplies. There’s a hub in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and one in Gilbert, Arizona, has recently been added. We collect and store the diapers and formula. When a team is going to the colonias for a house-building project through Missions Ministries, the supplies are loaded and sent with that team. Missions Ministries distributes the supplies to the five local pastors in their area of service down in the colonias outside Juarez. The five pastors then distribute to the families under their care. Over the years we’ve seen pastors come the very night we arrive, late in the evening, because they knew of a hungry baby who desperately needed food. It’s a life I can only imagine. And overwhelming to say the least. Since this project started in 2007 we’ve sent 23 big loads to Juarez (see for pictures) and as a result the infant mortality rate has dropped significantly. It’s been my life-changing privilege to gather supplies from all of you these past few years. Thank you.

You can also email or call Quinn Anderson for more info at 303-668-8221 or

Together, let’s work to save these babies!!!

How well do you know the stages of development for an unborn baby?  Do you know when the heart starts beating?  When the brain waves can be measured?  When all the “ingredients” are there for a new, unique individual?  How about when the baby can suck her thumb?  When he can smile?  Roll around?  When fingernails and toenails start to appear?  No matter how educated you think you are, we should seek to know this information by heart. 

Day 1:   On the very first day of fertilization/conception, the baby contains the detailed genetic blueprint for every detail of human development – sex, hair and eye color, height, skin tone, etc.  This child is unique!

Day 22:  The heart starts beating!  (Most women don’t even know they’re pregnant yet.)  I know from personal experience that it is absolutely amazing and life-changing to see or hear the heartbeat of an unborn child on an ultrasound screen.  Every woman should have the opportunity to see and hear this before she makes any decision.  Otherwise, she is not fully informed.

Day 30:  The baby is already 10,000 times larger than she started out!

Six Weeks:  Brain waves can be recorded, which means they’ve been going on for longer than this.

Day 60 (or so):  Near the end of the month the skeleton changes from cartilage to bone. Forty muscle sets begin their first exercises and, working with the nervous system, respond with small movements to touch.

Nine Weeks:  Fingerprints are present.  They never change!

Third Month:  The baby now sleeps, awakens and exercises muscles energetically – turning the head, curling toes and opening and closing his or her mouth. The palm, when stroked, will make a tight fist. Fingernails and toenails form, and the baby’s sex is now identifiable.  Vocal cords are complete…at times it seems as if the baby is crying.


For more detail, go here:  (I quote portions from this site above, but many other places document the same information.) 

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