Resources and Materials

“Why Pro-Life?” by Randy Alcorn

You can download this amazing book for free as a PDF file, or order it for $3.00 by visiting this website:  See my post entitled “Learn the Truth!” to find out why this book is so important.  If you’d like to purchase copies for your friends or just to pass out (which I’d highly recommend doing), the price lowers to $2.50 each if you buy 2 or more books and to $1.00 each if you buy 50 or more.

“Baby Steps” DVD

“Amazing 4-D ultrasound imagery features preborn babies from eight weeks to 34 weeks old.  You’ll see detailed pictures of babies as they roll, yawn, blink, spin, smile and stretch throughout their 16 stages of development.”  $9.95 each; translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Cantonese.  Order from American Life League:

Personhood Now! Postcards

Order these postcards to send to friends, your Christmas card list, church members, or people out of a phone book to spread the pro-life message:  You can specifically send these to voters in states where Personhood Amendments are on the ballot (Colorado and Mississippi).  $0.50 each, 10 for $4,00, 50 for $15.00, or 100 for $20. 

Stop Injustice Magazine

Download a magazine specifically designed for college or high school students:  You can print the magazine yourself and see great ideas for successful distribution.  Or, order copies here: for a suggested donation of $0.30 each.  Other magazines such as icare, She’s a Child Not a Choice, and Did You Know? can also be purchased here.  Hand them out at your small group, church, club meeting, neighborhood, or anywhere.

Pro-Life Gifts and Keepsakes

Order Realistic Dolls that are accurate representations of human babies from conception to full term, originally sculpted by an artist.  These dolls are checked by parents and doctors for accuracy in size, detail, and proportion.  You can also order Early Human Life Model Sets from this website or Pro-Life Pins

Precious Feet Pins ( can be purchased for $1.95 each, $1.00 each for 10+, and $0.89 each for 50+.  These pins sometimes strike up meaningful conversations and are certainly a good thing to pass out to people as a tool to increase their awareness of pro-life facts.  Give them to friends and encourage them to use them as pro-life “witnessing” tools.  Pass out a fact-sheet or a “Why Pro-Life?” book with the pins. 

Faceless Dolls  The lost generation of babies who have died through abortion are forgotten by so many people today.  Buy one of these cloth baby dolls, wrapped in a blanket, and created without a face to symbolize the millions of faceless, nameless children who have died in this genocide.  $20 each.  Email to order or for pictures.