What You’ll Find Here

First, I hope you’ll find inspiration that even one action on your part CAN make a difference.

What You’ll Find on This Blog…

  • Current new stories about the pro-life movement…sometimes given through the perspective of our opposition.  After all, their own admissions are often the most telling. 
  • Ideas on exactly how to volunteer for a pro-life campaign, how to get your church involved, and how to reach out to the community around you.  My goal is to share very practical ideas like…how to write a letter to the editor, how to talk to your pastor, how to find events in your city, etc.  I’ll be sharing sample letters, handouts, and more.
  • Lessons I learned as I worked as the spokesperson for Colorado’s first Personhood campaign in 2008. 
  • Pro-life resources so that you can know what you’re talking about and how to say it in a common sense, creative way.
  • A presentation of pro-life leaders and the work they’re involved in so you have more options of where and how to get involved yourself.  I’ll be sharing famous and not-so-famous people with you.
  • Controversial issues within the pro-life movement discussed and analyzed.
  • No worries…most posts will be short and easily readable.  Not all, but most =).
  • Again, I pray that you will  find inspiration to continue speaking out for those who have no voice of their own.  As we humbly work with a heart of compassion, I believe that this world will see the love our Savior gives us and that they, too, will choose life.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a Christian who loves Jesus.  Without the strength my Savior gives me day by day, I could not be a part of this fight.  He gets all the glory and all the praise.  I love my Jesus, and I know that He loves me.  Because He’s such a big part of my life, and in fact, my reason for living—you will see Him on this blog often.  If you don’t know Him personally as your Savior, I pray that you will be driven to seek Him yourself.  For anyone that seeks Him, He promises that you will find Him.