Beautiful Children

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Children are an amazing gift…in whatever size, shape, form, or “quality of life” they come in.  Children teach us things we didn’t know about ourselves.  They teach us things about the world.  They show us beauty and delight in the smallest of things…like sometimes even a crumb on the floor.  Children take the time to laugh, to relax, to enjoy, and to smile.  If only each adult knew how valuable every single one of their own children are–born or unborn.  Let us continue to pray for our nation and for the world; until every child is loved, valued, and welcomed in law and in our hearts, we should never stop petitioning God for love to grow everywhere.

If you want to read the accounts of some beautiful children that show us how precious each life is, and how every child deserves to be protected, go here:

An adopted child speaks out years later as an adult:

The mother of a precious boy with spina bifida tells how he could have died at a doctor’s hand:

Want to share with me your own stories of beautiful children?  I’d love to hear your comments!Image

  1. andifabulous says:

    I agree with most of what your posts say regarding the sanctity of life and promoting a culture of life. But rather than asking the question, “How do we encourage women confronting unintended pregnancies to choose life,” why don’t we ask the question,”What can we do to prevent unintended pregnancies?” From the standpoint of my ministry, I would strongly prefer to counsel young couples who are considering having sex than young women who are considering having abortions.
    I do not know what your religious beliefs tell you about contraception, but in ANY religious value system, abortion is certainly worse.
    What do you think about the message of this organization? I would really like to know.
    Reverend Andrea Hodgson

    • Thanks for your input, Reverend Hodgson. I think the question you ask is a vital one. I am not whatsoever opposed to all contraception. I do believe that some forms act as a chemical abortion, basically, and end the life of a developing baby before she implants. I do believe those kind are wrong. After all, if life begins at fertilization – and science tells us it does – any intentional way of ending a life after it has begun is wrong. However, there are plenty of forms of contraception that simply prevent pregnancy. I definitely think couples need to be educated on this and learn to use it if they are not ready for a child.

      As far as the organization you mentioned, it certainly says some good things. I disagree, however, that we should take a moderate stand on abortion. Abortion is wrong, and we should be willing to speak out against it. I think in today’s society, we have to be willing to ask both questions – mine and yours. Abortion exists, so we must be able to show women how it is dangerous and harmful and how it kills their child. But we should also educated couples on ethical forms of contraceptives that can prevent pregnancy before they’re ready.

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