Where to Get an Abortion in Arkansas

Posted: June 1, 2018 in Get Educated, Take Action Now

Planned Parenthood has announced they are canceling abortions in Arkansas. OBGYNs in the state do not want to do business with Planned Parenthood, and the courts have decided not to force them to do it. So, this situation has resulted in Planned Parenthood telling women they cannot commit abortions under the law.

Women are no doubt wondering what to do and where to go. I would suggest that, if you are reading this and you were turned away from an abortion appointment you had, this happened for a reason. Days before, things would have been different, but THIS is the day you walked through those doors. And THIS is the day you had to turn around and walk right back out them.

Right now, it probably seems confusing and overwhelming. You might be scared or even mad. But I would suggest that you find support to embrace this unexpected change. Sometimes, the things that seem worst in life at the moment turn out to be the greatest gifts.

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McKenzie, ultrasound, abortion, Planned Parenthood, Arkansas

Your child — and yes, you are already a mother — needs you, quite simply. Your child entered the Planned Parenthood clinic with you, beneath your heart. And instead of leaving with her life compromised, she left with you, still alive. Her heart is still beating even now.

And I suggest there is a reason for this.

Choose hope. That’s what Dorothy Osborne did. You may have read about her in the news. If not, please do. Where others would see no way, she forged one. Where others would lose hope, she clung to faith. Where others would fall apart, she stood up tall. She went forward in life, with her son, embracing him while earning her college degree and becoming a nurse. Her son is now a Dallas Cowboy, with a college degree of his own. Dorothy’s story is amazing, but there’s no doubt it was extremely hard at first.

Hard is not always bad.

So if you are still pregnant in Arkansas and feeling alone, if you are still seeking an abortion, would you consider another path? Resources are available to you (including an ultrasound, like the one McKenzie got) and there are people standing by right now to help you find them.

Pregnancy care centers and maternity homes: You can find one by visiting OptionLine.org or by texting “Helpline” to 313131. If you visit OptionLine.org, a live chat option will pop up right away for you — if you want that.You can chat anonymously. Stand Up Girl also provides resources and connections for pregnant girls and women through live chat, email, and texting options. If your browser is set to show your location, pregnancy care centers in your area will easily and automatically be listed for you.

OptionLine and Stand Up Girl provide great help, but you can also comment on this post, and I will write back as soon as possible to personally help you find pregnancy care in your area.

Two other things —

First, is abortion what you really want? You can find out the facts by clicking that abortion link in the last sentence. They are available from an OBGYN who personally committed over 1200 abortions before his own child died, and he realized he was killing the children of other parents. Below, he explains what medication abortion — the abortion pill — really does to a developing child. There are risks to the mother, too. The risk of hemorrhage is quite significant with the abortion pill — up to 20% of women experience it. Other forms of abortion are not less violent.

Finally, learn the truth about what a little human your child already is. Did you know these 12 amazing facts about the first trimester? Too often, places like Planned Parenthood fail to provide the full information to women. I know they failed my sister-in-law. I don’t want them to fail you, too.

You sought an abortion. It didn’t work out. There’s a reason for that.

P.S. If you have taken the abortion pill or started a medication abortion, THERE IS STILL HOPE. Abortion reversal is a safe, emerging area of medical science. Hundreds of babies have been born completely healthy after their moms chose abortion reversal. You can check out the facts on abortion reversal here. 

You can also call the 24-hour, nurse-staffed hotline for abortion reversal at 1-877-558-0333.

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Finley abortion reversal, arkansas

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