The Mirena IUD – How it causes abortions and is dangerous to women

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Get Educated, In The News, Pro-Life Leaders, Take Action Now
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Ok, I promised that my next post would include information about the Mirena IUD. Most of us already know that the IUD likely causes abortions before the mother is even aware that she’s pregnant.  But there’s been some talk that the Mirena IUD is different, so I studied it out.  Here’s the results I came up with:

English: Mirena IntraUterine System Deutsch: M...

English: Mirena IntraUterine System Deutsch: Mirena Hormonspirale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1)     Causes Harm/Side Effects for Many Women  Did you know about the possible lawsuit against the company who makes Mirena because of all the bad side effects, specifically in younger women?  Also, the FDA themselves actually put out a warning letter to the company…and we know that the FDA rarely does anything!

2)     Stops Implantation:  This site (and several others I found) say that Mirena may stop ovulation in some women, but it does not in most.  It also says that one way Mirena works is to stop a baby from implanting if a woman does get pregnant (even though, of course, some people do stay pregnant, but that is apparently rare).  Of course, if implantation is stopped, the baby dies.

3)     Risks Danger and Possible Death to Women and Babies:  You have to scroll down a ways on this one, but under the warnings and precautions, it talks about how up to half of women
who get pregnant on Mirena have an ectopic pregnancy (and other random, weird things that can happen).  There is always the risk of death for the woman (and of course the baby) with an ectopic pregnancy.  I know the FDA warned the company that makes Mirena that they are not being up front enough with people about all the risks and side effects that Mirena can have/has had with some women.  Pretty scary stuff if you ask me!

4)  IUD Must Be Removed:  If you do have a Mirena and get pregnant, you are warned to get it removed as soon as possible.  Otherwise, it has the potential of causing death in you or the baby.  Death to the baby, specifically, is still a risk with the process of having the IUD removed. Not a good thing, either way you look at it.

5)  Doctors Don’t Always Reveal the Full Truth:  From my own personal experience, I know there are even pro-life doctors who have no problem recommending birth control that actually does stop a baby from implanting and living. You would think they would only prescribe stuff that prevents fertilization, but this is often not true, unfortunately. All too often, to get the full facts, you need to do your own research and go to the manufacturer’s site. I’ve never personally seen a manufacturer’s site that doesn’t disclose whether the birth control prevents implantation or poses dangers to women. (Though I wouldn’t doubt if there are some out there! For example, I know the FDA railed on Bayer for not fully revealing Mirena’s dangers to women.)

Summary:  Why use a “birth control” method that is likely to cause death for a baby/babies you never knew about?  Why use a device that hugely increases your odds of suffering an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage if you have it removed during pregnancy?  Why choose a “contraceptive” that is manufactured by a company that even the FDA calls misleading?  Why use the Mirena IUD if you are risking your own health and life in the process, along with your baby’s?

Follow the link below to a helpful graphic that illustrates some of the dangers of Mirena:

Learn more about this information here!

  1. Chelsea says:

    Hey I’m an advocate for good information and proper education on a subject. I have a copper T which is another IUD that is available, and I believe that your information against the Mirena is wrong. I have researched and talked with specialists and studied this form of birth control for quite a few years. From what I know and understand, Mirena doesn’t kill women, and just like any other form of birth control (that is hormonal) it’s dangerous for a pregnancy to occur while on it, because it can cause fetus development problems. Hormones are not healthy in overabundance, for any living thing!!! What the Mirena is, is a mechanical device that releases a spermicide along with hormones to prevent the dropping of an egg. as far as your ( website is concerned, the mirena does NOT cause a miscarriage. It is more effective than regular oral contraception simply because it acts like a spermicide and helps reduce the likelihood of dropping an egg. When I went in to talk to my doctor about getting an IUD she warned me about complications that can occur, for the most part to get pregnant on an IUD you pretty much have to be taking fertility drugs (because they are as effective as sterilization). So the likelihood of becoming pregnant is miniscule, it doesn’t cause any problems besides releasing hormones and acting as a spermicide, and ectopic pregnancy is always an issue, that’s not the mirenas fault. the egg just happened to implant itself on the Fallopian tubes instead of inside of the uterus, this happens normally without the use of the Mirena. The Mirena is sitting inside the cervix and has the “T” top inside the uterus holding it in place. All in all, the Mirena isn’t a bad choice for contraception, it’s carefree for 5 years, and can stop your period all together, it as a contraception wasn’t for me as an individual simply because it doesn’t last as long as the Copper T which works for 12 years and I personally like having the peace of mind of having my period every month.

    • Hi Chelsea, Perhaps you could provide some research to back up your claims. I provided links to websites–very credible ones–where I did my research. It’s simply not true to say that all the Mirena does is act as a spermicide, because the manufacturer itself claims more. While a goal of Mirena is indeed to stop sperm from reaching the egg, it also thins the lining of your uterus which would prevent a baby from attaching if a woman did ever get pregnant (which can happen on the Mirena). You can check out the manufacturer’s site here:

      Also, the pharmaceutical company that makes Mirena claims very bad possible side effects including an “increased risk of ectopic pregnancy”, shock, death, septic abortion, bleeding problems, pelvic inflammatory disease, sterility, and more.

      The Copper T is also known to stop implantation of a baby in the uterus. Thank you for commenting. Let me know if you have any further thoughts.

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  5. Women need factual knowledge so they can make smart choices. Then, let’s hope their conscience ‘kicks in’ before the ‘kick’ a human being out of their womb via ANY method!

  6. I have filed a major lawsuit against Bayer Pharmaceuticals over the death of a 31 week baby secondary to a retained mirena IUD that could not be removed. Email me and I will send you a copy of the complaint

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