1926 US advertisement. "Birth Control"

Image via Wikipedia. This is a pamphlet that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, used to pass around. The resources she recommended were full of lies for women–not different at all from the Planned Parenthood of today.

Every single life is incredibly valuable…every single baby deserves a chance to live–especially yours. –Anonymous

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I’ve been asked many times about my stand on birth control.  My stand is very simple:  Birth control is a personal choice that every couple needs to make for themselves…unless they are using a method that kills their child.  That, of course, would be the same as abortion (with the exception that I don’t think a lot of people know what they’re doing).

While I’d never claim to be an expert on birth control, I have done research on the Birth Control Pill since it’s so commonplace and accepted, even by many pro-lifers.  There are at least five problems I see with it.

1)  What is a Pregnancy, Really?

It’s claimed (even by the Pill itself) that the Pill will not end an existing pregnancy, once a child is conceived.  Any normal person reading that would be free to assume that the Pill, then, does not cause a chemical abortion.  Wait a second, though.  Should we always trust the manufacturer of a “medicine” or any product to give us the full scoop?  In reality, the original definition of pregnancy and conception–and the one we would think still exists–is the beginning of a new human life from the moment of fertilization.  But this is no longer true in the medical community.  In order to provide for the Pill and other such deadly inventions, the medical community changed the definition of pregnancy and conception to the time of implantation, which is 5-10 days AFTER fertilization.  So in other words, your baby is currently not considered alive until 5-10 days after he or she really is alive.  Weird.  And wrong.  And all so the medical community and the Pill manufacturers can claim that the Pill doesn’t end a pregnancy.  Well, here’s the real truth…it actually can and does.  It ends pregnancies before implantation–before you even know the baby exists.

2) It’s the Last Resort…But It Still Happens

There are three purposes behind the Birth Control Pill.  First, the Pill tries to prevent ovulation.  This is it’s first line of “defense”, so to speak, against getting pregnant.  Secondly, the Pill thickens the mucus around the cervix so it’s harder for sperm to reach any eggs that have been released.  Finally…and here’s the Catch 22…the Pill acts to strip the lining of the uterus so no pregnancies (or babies, really!) can attach.  So, if you read anywhere about the purpose of the Birth Control Pill, you’ll see that it’s last resort is to strip a woman’s lining so a baby cannot live in her womb.  I’d certainly call that a chemical abortion because a baby can be created while a woman is on the Birth Control Pill.

3)  What the Doctors Say

I go to a pro-life OB-GYN.  I asked her about the Birth Control Pill and whether or not it ever caused abortions.  Her answer was that, if it did, it was rare so she would prescribe it anyway.     Really?!  Is that really ok?  Is that really a pro-life stance?  This has the chance of killing your child, but it would be rare, so go ahead and do it anyway.  I don’t think so.  In addition, there are several very good pro-life women’s doctors who flatly refuse to prescribe the Birth Control Pill, like Dr. Walt Larimore.  Ask them why they refuse.

4)  What Planned Parenthood Says

First, Planned Parenthood claimed that the Birth Control Pill did not cause chemical abortions.  Now, they claim that if the unborn child is called a person in the law, all birth control–specifically including the Birth Control Pill–will be outlawed.  Hmm…make up your mind please.  When it was convenient for Planned Parenthood to claim that the Pill didn’t cause abortions, they claimed it so that women would believe them and get hooked.  But when Personhood Amendments were brought forward in various states, and the unborn child was about to be called a person in law, the truth came out!  The Birth Control Pill really DOES cause abortions, or it would never need to be outlawed by a law in favor of unborn children’s personhood.

5)  Miscarriages and Women’s Health

Besides the fact that the Birth Control Pill can and does cause abortions, I have yet another personal reason why I don’t use it.  The Pill affects women’s health…quite drastically at times.  The biggest detriment I can see is that the Pill specifically works to strip the lining of a woman’s uterus.  That’s why doctors usually tell women on the Pill to wait a while after getting off the Pill before getting pregnant.  Since your lining is stripped, a baby you want to have may not be able to attach either.  This is why some women have a miscarriage first after getting off the Birth Control Pill.  I think this is such an incredibly sad effect, especially since many women are led to believe that the Birth Control Pill does not cause abortions…


First, I’m not claiming that absolutely everyone who has ever used the Pill has had a chemical abortion.  That could never be proven for a fact.  But I am saying that evidence points to the fact that this could easily occur.  If you are reading this and you are currently on the Birth Control Pill, I’d encourage you to stop now that you know the truth.  The IUD (another common form of birth control) acts in a similar way to the Pill and also causes abortions.  Please study birth control to know which kinds are safe for you and your baby.  I HIGHLY recommend the free book “Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?” by Randy AlcornAlso, if you never heard this information before, please don’t feel guilty…you didn’t know the truth, and many organizations out there take great care to conceal it.  In addition, not every woman who uses the Pill has a miscarriage before having a baby, so please don’t let that scare you either.  Please just take the truth and apply it!  Save any baby that you can, especially your own!


Photo from this site, with more info about this little baby.

Photo from this site, with more info about this little baby.

If you’re a woman considering abortion, please consider that you have other options. I know, you’ve probably heard that. But please read on. Abortion – no matter how great it seems in the moment – is a decision with very lasting and painful effects. Read what other women have to say about it! Please at least go to this site, where you will find a helpline, a way to chat online, or a way to email someone who can help you. Or, the site can help you find a pregnancy resource center in your area where you can go for emotional and material support, as well as often a free ultrasound – which you should totally see!

You can also comment on this article – I’ll see it before anyone else does – and I’ll be happy to email you back and help you however I can. Also, please consider that every woman should know the truth about abortion before she ever has one. Go here to see a video (or here – and read the description below the video!). Go here to read about abortion. Please be informed.

A 4-D ultrasound photo of a baby at 8 weeks…check out more photos at this link. Amazing!!

You can also read this article or this one if you’re wondering why not to have an abortion. There are literally at least 101 reasons! At least check it out! Read these incredible stories, from a group that helps pregnant moms. A baby is a baby from the very beginning – her heart is beating at only 21 or 22 days! His brain waves can be read at only 6 weeks! And her little heart is crying out for you – her mother – to love her and give her the precious gift of life. I’m here for you, and so are many others – really. If you’re a dad who needs help, check out this advice article, and feel free to contact me.

**If you are a girl or woman who is being pressured or threatened into having an abortion, please read this article.

**If you are a guy who is trying to stop an abortion, please read this article. (Some of the info in this article may also help parents or friends who are trying to stop an abortion.)

  1. Jeanne says:

    Glad to read your articles and that the truths about babies are being read. Praying that your wonderful information gets to the many eyes that don’t know how dangerous it is to a society to continue killing it’s children. Thank you Kristi for your heart and knowledge on this very important matter!!!

  2. RosalindaL says:

    GREAT JOB!! God bless you for spreading the truth!!

  3. I would direct attention to a paper by pro-life physicians, that notes something I wish prolifers would wrap their heads around: There is NO evidence that birth control pills actually cause early abortions.

    Yes, they typically thin the uterine lining — but only during cycles where the woman fails to ovulate. If the woman experiences what’s called ‘breakthrough ovulation”, her ovary puts out more than enough hormones to trump the small amount of hormones in the birth control pill. This is in large part why the waiting rooms of abortion clinics are crowded with women who were on the Pill. Were the Pill to have the presumed abortifacient effect, only a very few women, not droves of them, would become pregnant.

    I encourage everybody to read the paper. The abortifacient nature of hormonal birth control is an unproven theory. It might be an old theory, but so is evolution.

    • People should also read this paper: http://www.prolife.com/BIRTHCNT.html that quotes pro-life physicians explaining why and how the Birth Control Pill DOES in fact cause abortions. Of course, as in practically any medical issue, you have doctors on both sides. I’d challenge people who do not believe the Pill causes abortion to explain why Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates even now agree that it does. (For example, this from the article I linked to: “From Birth Control Advocates: Lawyers from organizations that promote abortion have admitted in print and in legal briefs that these products cause abortions. A Tulane Law School Professor wrote: …nearly all birth control devices, except the diaphragm and the condom, operate between the time of conception and implantation… Attorney Frank Sussman (pro-abortion attorney) argued in the U.S. Supreme Court: …IUDs [and] low dose birth control pills…act as abortifacients.”

      In addition, there is no proof that the lining is only thinned where the woman fails to ovulate. And just because women get pregnant on the Pill and have an abortion or keep the child, (I’ve heard of that too =) doesn’t mean that no woman gets pregnant and has a chemical abortion from the Pill itself. On the contrary, the fact that women do get pregnant on the Pill should point to the question of how many times does this actually occur when we don’t know about it and an abortion occurs?? Of course, no one knows for an absolute certainty if abortions from the Pill are extremely common or rare, but even a one in a thousand chance that I would kill my child is too much for me…

      As far as the abortifacient nature of hormonal birth control being an old theory, you say evolution is too. Well, Creation is even older, and I’d presume we both believe in that. The oldness of a “theory” doesn’t make it any less true =)

    • carmel350 says:

      My best friend died of breast cancer from taking “the pill”, it created to much estrogen so her body could not break it all down which caused it to mutate and form a tumor in her breast!

  4. Debra says:

    You showed scientific proof of how even a seemingly harmless and acceptable form of birth control is in reality deceptive in what it does to a tiny life that is forming. Hopefully many babies will be saved with this information for parents who will not have anything to do with the possibility even in the slightest of killing their child. Very good information that holds all of us accountable!

  5. catwalk says:

    I got a question. What if I’m pregnant for 5weeks but don’t know yet and I decide to use birth control pills will it then be that I’m making abortion thinking face…I’m shocked to hear that birth control pill abort babys I thought they save

    • Hi Catwalk,
      Thanks for your question. I’d have to direct you to your doctor on that one (hopefully you have a pro-life doc). If not, I might be able to help you know how to find one. But anyway, my post is talking about what the birth control pill does if you are taking it when you actually get pregnant. I’m honestly not sure what it does if you start taking it after you’re pregnant. I would think, from the things I’ve heard, that it would not be good to take while pregnant, but I don’t know that it would cause the baby to die if you’re already 5 weeks pregnant. The bc pill typically stops the baby from implanting…something that takes place in the first 5-10 days. At 5 weeks, the baby has already been implanted for some time. However, I seriously doubt that the pill would be good to take while pregnant…probably not good for the baby. I would definitely recommend seeing a doctor before taking the pill if you think you are pregnant. Also, I’m sure you know this, but you can take home pregnancy tests as soon as you think you have missed your period, so that should help you know if you’re pregnant. Blessings!

    • Theresa says:

      Hi catwalk, I just lost my baby after 4weeks! I didn’t realize what it was doing to our baby or to my lining. I lost my baby today and I hope the same doesn’t happen to yours!

  6. jennifer says:

    I think this may have happened to me. I started research into this after my recent period was a few days late and very painful. I was taking the pill which is supposed to regulate this so I was a little concerned and started investigating. I will not be taking it anymore. I feel so sad and and so guilty, but mostly angry that I wasn’t informed of this. Thank you for providing this information.

    • Jennifer,
      I am sooo sorry you think this happened to you. Please do not feel guilty…you did not know, so it was not your fault if it happened. I’m still so sorry you feel bad though. I agree that it is just wrong that people are not told the truth about what the Pill (or other forms of birth control like IUD’s) can do. Anyway, just wanted to say it is NOT your fault. I hope you can find peace and feel how much Jesus loves you. He will embrace you with His arms. Thanks for taking the time to write and share you heart. With a hug, Kristi

      • P.S. Just wanted to also say that while you clearly know your situation better than me, people can still have miscarriages for other reasons while they are on the Pill. So if you had a miscarriage, it could have always been for a reason other than the Pill which was not your fault. My point in this article is to help people have the info they need to eliminate one cause of miscarriages that they can eliminate.

  7. stephanie says:

    i am leaving a comment because firstly i dont think thats a little crazy if u want ppl having tons of babies that cant take care of themselves let alone a baby, then fine but i really do believe birth control prevents young ppl from having children they shouldnt be having in the first place. i know teens should be having sex but the truth is, it happens i would rather know my daughter or my son is protecting themselves then having a baby come into this world that they never wanted in the first place. personally, i dont use birth control any more because i do want more children, but i would want a doctor that would provide me wth birth control if i chose to. i little thats taken it a little far. no i dont think ppl should get abortions but i do believe in birth control.

    • Hi Stephanie, I don’t disagree with you that individual people have the choice to prevent a pregnancy from occuring in the first place. But, my point in this post is that no one should have the right to cause the death of a child they have conceived–whether they planned or wanted the child or not. I’m trying to let people know the true facts about the Birth Control Pill, since the manufacturers and others mislead people. Many women on the Pill really believe it does not end the life of a baby who is conceived. But the Pill CAN do this, and women deserve to know the truth! So, I am not saying people cannot use contraceptives that merely prevent conception. In fact, I think that is every couple’s own choice. But I do think that every couple needs to do their research and only use a type of contraceptive that does not kill unborn children. The right to life is certainly above the right to our own convenience.

      • Paul Blanchard says:

        Thanks for your informative website. One important point to make for those who do not know when life begins, is to acknowledge that it could begin at conception; therefore, contraceptives can destroy life and anyone with an ounce of moral inkling should stay clear of them. The Catholic teaching against contraception brings another important point to light. Since contraception stifles the end purpose of the marriage act – to procreate, then whether the life is destroyed or not – it is a seriously evil act. I understand that a person’s knowledge or lack thereof effects their culpability, but if everyone listened to the Catholic Church, there would be no abortion via contraception, surgical, etc. There is something called Natural Family Planning, which doesn’t destroy a life, nor do harm to the woman and it is 100% effective in spacing births of children. There is nothing immoral about it, as husband and wife abstain during fertile time.

      • Hi Paul,
        Thanks for your comments. Yes, I agree that it would be good for more people to check out Natural Family Planning. Not only do hormonal birth control methods end the lives of children, they are very unhealthy for women. I’m Evangelical, not Catholic, so I don’t agree that it is wrong to prevent a pregnancy. I don’t think the Bible teaches that. However, I do agree with you that using any method that risks or ends the life of a child is wrong. Preventing pregnancy through ways that don’t take a life are perfectly fine, I believe. I think that people in general should do as much research as needed to be sure whatever method they choose does not endanger their child’s life. Again, thanks for your comments. ~Kristi

  8. me says:

    There are many women who get pregnant while taking the pill and deliver healthy babies. Why did not the lining get stripped in these cases? I believe no one really knows if the pill causes abortions. You have one side debating the other to see who will win when neither really know. If a pill stops ovulation–of course no pregnancy. It is impossible to ever really know. A winless debate unfortunately.

    • I agree it’s hard to know exactly what happens in every particular situation because, as you said, some women get pregnant while on the Pill. The point that I think women need to be aware of though, is that the Pill manufacturer itself states that it can act to strip the lining. This can and does cause miscarriages. So many women don’t even know this can happen. And I think they deserve to know the truth, whether or not the debate will ever be won politically =)

  9. Mimi says:

    Hello Kristie,
    I must be say informal and very interesting article.
    I’ve got an important question and would love for you to answer me.
    Ive been on the pills, dianette for 3months, I stopped for the 7day break (as directed) the next day my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex but he pulled out before ejaculating.
    I’ve been reading that ”During this pill-free week, you will still be completely protected against pregnancy” what do you think about it?
    I thought about taking the morning after pills but that would be too much hormones.
    If im not on my period in a few days, what should I do to prevent being pregnant? Carry on with dianette?

    • Hi Mimi,
      Thanks for your question. Honestly, I’m not familiar with dianette specifically, so I don’t have any information about the claim that you will be protected from pregnancy that certain week. Please don’t take anything I say as medical advice…it’s simply pro-life information and opinion. I would encourage you to research the dianette. If it is like the birth control pill–or most other hormonal birth control, which it probably is–it can very likely strip the lining of your uterus. This means that even if you did get pregnant, you could have an early miscarriage without knowing because the baby couldn’t implant. You could probably go to the manufacturer’s website or google “does the dianette strip the lining of my uterus” and find your answer. Let me know if you can’t find an answer. The Morning After Pill can definitely cause an abortion if you’re pregnant, so that’s not a good pill at all. Plus, it can be dangerous to women, as can many forms of hormonal birth control and the IUD. I’m not a medical professional, but if you are already pregnant, there’s nothing you can do to prevent being pregnant. The prevention has to occur before sex, or otherwise, whatever you do afterwards to “prevent” can actually cause a miscarriage. If you are pregnant, I know you are not supposed to stay on the birth control pill, and I would assume the same with dianette, though you could research this. As I said, I’m not a medical professional, but I personally would wait, take a test to see if I was pregnant, and then, if not, find a method of contraceptives that did not strip my lining or otherwise cause early miscarriages. Let me know if I can help further. Blessings! Kristi

  10. Mimi says:

    Hello kristie,
    I only saw this message today,a month later and thank God I am not pregnant. I could’ve had a miscarriage, I guess I’ll never know,
    Thank you sooo much for your reply, it has been very helpful and I will look up some questions you wrote on that comment.
    Thanks again for your time,
    Have a nice day kristie!

  11. Erin says:

    It’s not a ‘child’ but a fetus. This fetus cannot live in the world, is unable to sustain life outside a womb, does not have brain activity or even a hearbeat, therefore, you’re not killing something that’s not alive. The fetus gets a heartbeat at day 18, approx. 4 days AFTER a missed period. Even so, just because it has a heartbeat does not mean it’s alive. When someone donates their organs, it’s after they are brain dead, and their heart is still beating, organs are still working…is that killing someone too?

    • Anna says:

      Ummm…what? Erin this is definitely the most asinine comment I’ve ever read on the issue. I know this is an older thread but I just had to say it.

    • Kelly says:

      Things that are not alive do not grow. Fetus’ grow. There are also many people in the world with certain illnesses and diseases that cannot sustain life on their own, this however, does not mean they do not have the right to live. An organ donor makes the choice themselves to give the doctors the okay to end their life when they have no other chance at continuing their own. And a heartbeat most definitely proves life is in existence. Even so, it saddens me that you wouldn’t even error on the side of caution when it comes to the possibility of a child’s life. What are you fighting for in this case? And at what point is an unborn child become human to you? What are your criteria for human life? Is it solely based on one’s ability to sustain it on their own? If so, why do we have hospitals and doctors and researchers trying to find cures for illnesses that take the lives of many (cancer, ALS, AIDS for example)? Are you living with the idea it is everyone for themselves? What of our wounded soldiers lying on their death beds? Should we assume that since they cannot sustain their own life, that they do not have the right to live? Should we aslo assume that if someone has a diformity and doesn’t “look” human to us that they are not human? Think deeply about what it is you are saying and please realize that you believe two completely different ideas. It’s like believing the earth is square and round at the same time. Of course, I am assuming that your answers to my questions above are all “no”. Forgive me though if I am wrong and it turns out you do not have compassion for anyone but yourself.

  12. lillian s says:

    i had a miscarriage after taking birth control and stopping it caused me to be very sad i felt as though it was my fault but i didnt know the doctor told me that the birth ontrol was not the cause but now that i think about it it really is!!!

    • Lillian, I’m so sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. Clearly, you were not given accurate information, though, so please don’t feel as if it was your fault. Perhaps your miscarriage happened for another reason. And in any case, you were not at fault. You did the best you could with the information you have. I am so sorry for your loss, and I pray you will meet your little one in Heaven one day.

  13. Anne says:

    Hi. I had two abortions when I was 22. I didn’t know a thing about babies and I didn’t know how to ask for help. So I didn’t. I am 37 now and always feel horrible about what I caused. I know birth control is bad and not natural. And it could cause a loss of a child, and little ones need someone to speak for them, so I will. I will spend the rest of my life speaking out for babies, because it doesn’t matter how small they are, they have a conscience. Birth control may even make you sterile, and remember Margaret Sanger (founder of planned parenthood) had ties to the nazis.

  14. Sandra says:

    I don’t want to use birth control. What are my prolife options for reducing pregnancy while my husband goes to school? I don’t have a doctor who is well-versed in all of the prolife options. Please share what you know and have been practiced. Thank you!

    • Hi Sandra, First off, thanks for your honest question…it’s a good one! I do not claim to be an expert in every method of birth control or in every way of reducing the chances of pregnancy. So, I’m not the best person to give you personal advice =) But, I would actually encourage you to study about Natural Family Planning or talk to someone who knows a lot about that, if you don’t want to use any form of birth control at all. Here’s a good website to start: http://nfpandmore.org/. Of course, many who do want to use some form of birth control in addition to or instead of NFP choose between the barrier methods. You can easily study those on your own as well, I believe, and your doctor should have plenty of info. No matter who you talk to or study, I’d recommend the book “Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?” by Randy Alcorn, as he shortly discusses several other methods of birth control as well, specifically dealing with the issue of which types are pro-life and even briefly mentioning different views on things like spermacide. From my studies, most, if not all, hormonal types of birth control can be abortifacient as they act to prevent the baby from implanting after he or she has already been created. Of course, IUD’s do this as well. I hope you are able to find the info you are looking for! Blessings!

      • Gabriella says:

        ! hello i have a question for my friend…
        she just found out she is pregant she not sure how far she is…but the doctor estimate about 3months….she dont wanna keep it…so now she taking birth concrol pill cause she cant afford an abortion…my question from her is will this work?

      • Dear Gabriella,
        Thanks for writing. Since I’m not a medical doctor, I can’t answer your friend’s question on the birth control pill. But I’m sorry to hear that your friend doesn’t want her baby. I would really encourage you to suggest that your friend get in touch with an adoption agency. Today, mothers can handpick the parents for their child. There are SO many options with adoption today, and it is such a loving choice. I’m sure if your friend decides she does want to keep her baby, she will make an awesome mother! So please encourage her to take her time making up her mind. I hope she will consider giving someone else the chance to love that little baby. There are thousands of couples on waiting lists, waiting to adopt a baby – your friend’s baby would be so loved! Many adopting couples will even pay all of your friend’s medical and pregnancy expenses – even maternity clothes =) Please let me know if your friend is interested in this and I can help you find an adoption agency in your area. I also know of families, including my own, that would love to adopt this baby if your friend doesn’t want to keep him or her. Please let me know! Also, I’d really encourage you and your friend to read this (http://www.lifesite.net/abortiontypes/) before she would get an abortion. It tells her what is going on with her baby at this stage of pregnancy and what types of abortion there are. It gives info that any woman should know. I can also refer your friend to a crisis pregnancy center in her area – they have people there that can talk your friend through her options. I’m also happy to talk to her. Please let me know what I can do. Thanks again for writing, Kristi

  15. Lana says:

    So . . . if there is any substance used in or around my body that *may* aid/cause a miscarriage, then I’ve definitely had a chemical abortion? What about when I had two miscarriages practically back-to-back a few years ago, after I’d already been off the pill for six months? Was that then caused by the pill? Or anything else in my environment? Or by the fact I was in an abusive relationship at the time and under a lot of emotional, psychological and physical stress? Or that I was working long hours and usually spent 8-14 hours a day on my feet? Maybe it was that I didn’t eat enough beef or drink enough milk? Did I not eat enough spinach?

    Or, maybe (as I’ve come to believe), there was an unseen hand guiding me, something that knew that if I’d had either one of these children, both I and they would have been tied to this sadistic, cruel man for the rest of our lives.

    The fact of the matter is that there are countless things in this world that can induce/cause/aid a miscarriage, many of which we still don’t understand. If we’re really going to say that “I won’t use hormonal birth control because one aspect of it (“third line of defense”) has a teeny tiny chance of possibly causing my body to miscarry if I should possibly ovulate in spite of the medication,” then that seems like an extremely foolish and narrow-minded approach.

    I fully respect your right to decide on your own what form of birth control you wish to take, but you’re writing an article specifically to “educate” women. If you’re going to tell women, many of whom do plan to have children someday, that they shouldn’t take birth control because of this possibility, why don’t you also advise them to stop drinking, quit smoking, avoid seafood, strenuous activity, driving (since car accidents are one of the primary causes for late-term emergency abortions), only eat organic, not take any medication (including antibiotics), or take over-the-counter vitamins (vitamin C especially has been shown to cause miscarriages if taken in somewhat high doses in the first week or two of pregnancy). I’d also like to point out that, by your logic, they should be doing (or not doing) all of these from the time that they first ovulate until the end of menopause.

    After all, a woman can potentially become pregnant any time she has sex with a man, no matter what contraceptive method she or her partner uses. And we all know the that even a woman who is not sexually active could be raped at any time. I know that the specter of rape, much like what your doctor said about pill-induced miscarriages, is “a chance, but it’s so rare” but you disagreed with her and said that any chance was too great. I assume that this holds true for anything that could conceivably affect your body’s health or ability to bring a child to term. I certainly hope that, no matter what contraceptive option you are employing (including abstinence), you are constantly keeping your body healthy and ready to bear a child that could potentially be conceived at any moment. You might also want to start taking pre-natal vitamins and buying maternity clothes, just in case.

    But what really makes me angry about your article? The blame you lay onto all women in general whose bodies (for whatever reason) failed to carry a child to term. I certainly hope that you find it in your “Christian” soul to stop blaming women who accidentally and unknowingly “risk” their own miscarriages, whether by taking the pill (which you clearly believe to be an abortifacient) or any one of a number of common, potentially-harmful-to-pregnancy things women do on a daily basis in the weeks before they realize that they are pregnant.

    If you were stronger in your faith, perhaps you’d realize that nothing on this earth happens unless it is meant to happen. You cannot say that God is all-powerful and then turn and blame a human woman for having a miscarriage, no matter what medication she was on. If it was meant to be, it would have been. How do you think that the “crack babies” of the 80s managed to be born mostly healthy, if not for that same, unseen hand?

    And miscarriages can be one of the most emotionally agonizing moments of a woman’s life: how Christian does it make you if you try to force her to feel more guilt, more pain? Just because she had previously taken birth control? It was Christ’s message to love and support people, no matter their past, present or future, not to use a soapbox to hurt them or blame them for something ultimately out of their control.

    • Dear Lana,

      I’m not sure what it was in my article that led you to believe I lay any blame whatsoever on women whose bodies don’t carry a child to term. I lay no blame whatsoever on these women. My own mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and other precious women I know have had miscarriages. I do not believe those are ever a woman’s fault unless she is intentionally doing something to kill the baby – and then, that wouldn’t even be a miscarriage.

      In addition, women who are not aware of what the Pill does when they use it are not to blame for any miscarriages, either. I realize that there is lots of info out in our world, and much of it is misleading. I do not fault women at all who simply are not aware of the truth. The only thing I am trying to do in my article is let women know the truth so they can make an informed decision to protect their children – and their own bodies. While I agree with you that women should be careful with their activities when they are pregnant, that doesn’t mean that women can never start a new exercise program, go skiing, or anything else just because they “may” be pregnant and they “may have a miscarriage. What is wrong is when women knowingly participate in an activity or knowingly take a drug that they know can risk their child’s life. Without the “knowing” part, they have done no wrong at all.

      Lana, I am deeply sorry for all that has happened to you. I would certainly not blame you for your miscarriages. I’m very sorry they happened to you, and as you said, they were very likely a result of the abuse and stress that was going on in your life – not anything you did. I would never blame you for that. I’m so sorry for your pain, and I pray for your healing and that one, day, you will see your little ones in Heaven. I am convinced that they will know how much their mother loves them.

      With a hug,

  16. Tabi says:

    I completely agree with your article and found it very informative. I have been asked to go on bc several times to regulate my period but I have always stuck to my guns. I am not going to introduce a chemical into my body that can harm me or my unborn child. I did talk bc when I was a teenager because I was sexually active with my boyfriend and I have a severe reaction to the pill. I had my normal period then 3 days of nothing then an even heavier period then 3 days of nothing and then another heavier period. It was so bad my parents took me to the ER and I received a transfusion because I was bleeding out due to the pill. It has been 10 years since I have been on bc and I will NEVER use it again.

  17. Lizzie says:

    I was reading the Duggers (19 kids and counting) website and saw their stance on birth control pills. I googled and found this. I’m currently on my 3rd round of the pill and am almost in tears now! I don’t want this anymore. I’m 35 and a bit clueless as what method to use. Any suggestions? We do want another child but our first is now 4 months and I had to have an emergency c-section with him. My body needs to heal before I can become pregnant again. I don’t want to take the chance of my uterus rupturing because it wasn’t healed properly. So I need some type of safe birth control right now.

    • Dear Lizzie,
      I am so sorry that you feel so bad. I hope you don’t go too hard on yourself because it sure sounds like you had no idea what the birth control pills do. Also, too, just because they can cause a baby to not implant doesn’t mean that they did that to you. Now, though, you know the truth and you are making good choices. I’m not a medical expert, so I can’t give medical advice, but I’d recommend finding a truly pro-life OBGYN (i.e., one who understands why the pill,iuds, etc. are bad and can cause a baby to not implant) and asking them for advice in your condition. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but it really does sound like you need medical advice from a good doctor. Perhaps you could also see if some of the Natural Family Planning organizations (like this one: http://nfpandmore.org/) have any advice. It can be hard to find a fully pro-life doctor, but if you let them know your concerns with the pill and other birth control and don’t let them talk you into believing otherwise, hopefully a good doctor can give you appropriate advice. Please let me know if I can be of help in any other way. Congrats on your 4 month old, too! How precious! I’ll be praying that you find a good answer. Blessings, Kristi

  18. Jenna says:

    thank you for this. I learned the truth a few months back and have stopped taking birth control. Still waiting for prayers to be answered about whats best for our family size 🙂

  19. Meagan says:

    You pro lifers must not understand how grossly overpopulated our world is becoming. You want to defend the life of something that hasn’t been grown into fruition, not thinking about how every “saved baby” is another mouth to feed, another set of lungs spewing carbon dioxide into our already failing atmosphere. There NEEDS to be population control and birth control does an effective job. It might be harsh, but not every fertilized embryo gets to survive. What happens when our population hits 7 billion? 10 billion? What happens when there’s not enough food to go around and you have to watch the children you brought into the world starve? It’s just not practical. We need population control. Period.

    • It’s interesting to me how people who advocate so strongly, or to use your word “harshly”, for population control also believe quite strongly in their own right to life. Granted, I believe in your right to life, too. But still, it’s easy to say that we can kill a developing human being that our naked human eye can’t see when we’ve already passed that stage and are here to defend ourselves. Plus, your position has no logical end, and that’s why it’s extremely dangerous. For now you say we should be able to kill the unborn humans among us. Tomorrow, will you advocate to kill the sick, the elderly, or those with special needs? There are plenty of arguments out there concerning why these people don’t have the same “right to live” that you and I do. But they’re wrong, entirely wrong. I’m perfectly fine with birth control that actually prevents a human life from being created in the first place. But killing a baby to stop population growth is never right – not in China’s forced abortion policy, not in India’s rampant infanticide problem, and not in America’s widespread use of abortion pills and contraceptives that kill an unborn baby.

    • Hi, Over Population is a scare tactic used by various countries, organisation and special interest groups to put fear into us all. Many farmers around the world are paid not to produce more food in whatever form in order to keep prices high and consistent. The European Union has set agriculture laws which means that French farmers earn more money by doing less work on their land due to getting subsidies etc.. I know of a welsh farmer who is raising less sheep and earning more which goes against his beliefs. There are many articles that demonstrate that over population is a myth. So example blog posts are :-




      It has been stated that the entire world population of 7 Billion people could be moved to the USA of Montana and could feed themselves.

      Blessings RaymondTheBrave

  20. CW says:


    I agree with you on the potential effects of hormonal birth control, which is why I no longer take any form of them. I had A LOT of bleeding when I first conceived, and I truly feel that it was because I had just gotten off the pill. Through the grace of God, our daughter survived. While I do like my doctor (personality-wise), it irritates me how she recommends the pill for so many things. Could you please suggest ways that I can find a pro-life doctor? I found this website: http://www.aaplog.org/ but please let me know if you have other sources.

    • Hi,

      I actually found my own doctor through that website, so I do recommend using it =) Granted, my doctors (with the exception of one of them) will still recommend and prescribe the birth control pill, IUDs, and other forms of contraception that many believe stop a baby from implanting. So clearly they’re not as pro-life as I am on contraceptives, but since I try my best to know my stuff, I don’t need them for that issue. I’m still comfortable going to them, and I really love the care they provide overall. You could always call doctors’ offices in your area and just ask if they are pro-life and/or what their position on contraceptives is. I think NFP (natural family planning) organizations would probably also have good advice about how to find a pro-life doctor who at least understands natural contraceptives and will give you good advice on them. Hope that helps. And congrats on your daughter!


  21. heather says:

    i suggest google, Sister Joan Chittister, an american catholic nun on her stance on birth control and abortion,

  22. Faerie Raver says:

    I have partial truth to this…maybie! 🙂 *I’m sure someone in all of thoes comments down there has a story like mine…but just in case…here we go! 😉
    I’ve been on birth control August 2001…2 months before I got married. I Never really thought it killed babies …just that it made the womb unlivable so they wouldn’t be able to be fertalized to begin with? I always heard of people getting pregnant while on birth control…but when asking what pill they were taking….it was always “Ortho Tri-cyclin” (spelling?) Always!! So I knew not to go on that one… well as time went on I started getting lazy with taking the pill…and i’d go maybie a week without taking it and then when i’d start spotting i’d remember to take the pill…but i’d be 7 days behind so i’d doubble up and take 3 one day and then 3 the next day and be caught up for a few weeks until i’d get lazy again …fast forward 9 years and I’m at the OB GYN …and he says: “Oh! Wow…you had an
    aborton” ..I say:.Um? WHAT? Then he says …well how are your pill taking habits and I kind of delay my answer and he says “oh, your that type” and he says “how many pills do you
    doubble up in a day”? “I say 3″….and his answer…with a non-emotional response was:
    “Well 3 birth control pills has the same amounts of medication as The Morning After Pill so
    that explains your miscarrage”.
    Really? I had no idea!! …oh yeah…I was 4 months pregnant! I had no idea…no signs, no cravings, no weird feelings, nothing different, nothing, nothing! So it makes me think that it was a fighter and it was trying to live in that hostile invironment but when I kept taking all thoes pills at once it couldn’t hold on as good and everytime I did it he got weaker and weaker until….nothing.
    😦 Okay…that just made me sad! I’m sorry. Hope you all have a good day! ❤

    • Hey,
      Thanks for writing your story to share with everyone. I’m so sorry that happened to you. Clearly, you had no intentions of causing a miscarriage, so I hope and pray you don’t blame yourself. Like you shared, now you know the truth and you’re acting on it – and that’s what matters. It’s really sad, and I’m really sorry though. But please don’t heap guilt on yourself for what you didn’t know. Hopefully your story can help others who also don’t know what can happen. Thanks again for sharing…

  23. this link says:

    Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post. Thanks
    for supplying this info.

  24. C.M. says:

    Thank you so much for this article. It really opened my eyes. Although I still do have questions, me and my fiancé are pure and are waiting until marriage. How God intended it. so this is all a little odd to me. I am researching a safe way to protect my unborn child if pregnancy does occur. My question is, does every form of birth control, excluding condoms, have a risk of killing my baby? Is every form of birth control bad. And how do I go about preventing pregnancy. I know that if The Lord does bless us with a child, it will be His will whether trying to conceive or not.

    • Hi Carla,
      That’s so great for you and your fiance! That decision really helps you enter into marriage with a good foundation, and like you said, God intended it that way =) I’d recommend a book to you called “Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?” by Randy Alcorn. He mainly discusses the pill, but he also discusses other options (including other barrier options) in a way that I think would answer your questions. From what I’ve researched, it seems that hormonal forms of bc do typically carry the risk of stopping implantation, which ends a baby’s life. You can find his book here, for $3: http://www.epm.org/resources/2010/Feb/17/short-condensation-does-birth-control-pill-cause-a/. Hope that helps! Blessings, Kristi

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  27. Shermon Tank says:

    You are all, fucking idiots. How about, you all buck the hell out of other people’s lives and live your own? Too hard for you? Ok, how about, minding your own business? no, ok, i guess you’re just the interfering old bags, that believe another persons life is any of your damn business but guess what… Nothing you say or do will stop anything and do you know why? Because the rest of the world aren’t as bat shit crazy as you all are. Get a grip, go fuck up someone elses life better yet, your own.

  28. maria says:

    this this all crazy … I have a 17 year old son
    my first pregnancy miscarriage happen a 8 weeks …..#2 at 10 weeks ….#3 at 4 weeks I didn’t know until I got to the doctor because my period was very pink …yes I was having a spontaneous abortion.
    eventually I have the #4 happen a 5 weeks # 6 happen at 2 weeks ….
    I have never use contraceptives ..in fact my husband and I just want an other baby .
    when we used contraceptive we use condoms I never used any other in my all life and I don’t understand ,but for us was the best way we didn’t have to worried about forget anything .
    talking to my friend s I find out that is very common thing …out of 10 of my friends 8 we suffered at least one miscarriage me I lost 6 baby …out of 10 of my friend 5 of us used condoms so it is assumed that we should not suffer from abortions but ,,,is very wrong 5 people we don’t use contraceptives and we end up with miscarriage’s …very painful …many people suffer severe amounts of abortions without using any contraceptives ….
    but is my case and many others that I know …

    • Hi Maria,
      I’m so sorry for all the miscarriages you’ve gone through. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. Just to be clear, I’m not saying that only people who use the birth control pill have miscarriages. There are plenty of other reasons why they occur, and almost always, they are NOT at all the woman’s fault. They are nearly always beyond our control. Again, though, I’m so sorry you and your friends have gone through this pain. I’ve also known people who’ve had miscarriages that were not at all caused by anything they did. I pray that you will be comforted in your pain.

  29. casey says:

    Women take the pill to avoid pregnancy in the first place, so does it really make a difference? If a person wants to get pregnant they would not be using contraception.

    • True…but the point is that, if people are going to use contraception, they should 1) be informed as to the real effects of the kind they use and 2) not use a kind that basically acts (or can act) as a chemical abortion. Then, the “contraception” is not actually preventing conception; it’s killing a life. And women need to know the true facts on this.

  30. Nicole dilicina says:

    How much birth control does it take to have an abortion ?

  31. Tira says:

    I understand that a fetus, even one which isn’t implanted yet, is something you want to be taken more seriously. However, with that in mind, I think overpopulation is a much more dangerous and scary thing than a fertilized egg not being able to implant due to hormones being ingested.

    I.E. In my opinion, having babies is doing us a lot more harm than not having babies.

    Instead of looking at each and every tiny little fertilized egg, we should be looking at the grown humans, living now, on this planet, taking it over, and leaving very little room for future generations. If we don’t start thinking globally there won’t be a home left for ANY future babies.

  32. Sandera says:

    I was on the depo, but it caused me to have irritating nonstop bleeding for 6 months while I was on it. I decided to stop. Its been a month since I was off, but I am supposed to be getting my period this week. I have been gaining a little weight, and has been really hungry tire week. But the catch is, i’m trying to start an oral contraceptive this Sunday. If I am pregnant, will the pill terminate the baby.? Please answer soon.

    • Hi Sandra, I’m sorry…I just saw your comment. I’d refer you to a medical professional to answer your question. Hopefully you have already been in to see a good doctor by this point. If not, if you call a local pregnancy resource center (www.optionline.org), I’m sure they can refer you to a good one.

  33. Lucila Krier says:

    I felt guilty when I experienced a miscarriage as I felt that I could have done something to prevent losing my baby. However, I later managed to move on as I discovered that mostly miscarriages happen due to fetal abnormalities or else internal problems which can not be prevented. I also found out that miscarriages are normal occurrences in women only that most of them experience them even before knowing they were pregnant. The implantation process is not always perfect and at times it takes the woman body a number of tries to get it accurate.

    • Hi Lucila, I’m so sorry about your miscarriage. And yes, you are right that those are the most common reasons for a miscarriage. I don’t think any woman should feel guilty about a miscarriage unless she was intentionally causing it. Most women have no idea what the Pill can do, so this post is designed to help them find out the truth they should be told. Again, I’m so sorry for your pain. Hugs and prayers, Kristi

  34. britney says:

    What if you start taking birth control and nowtknowing your pregnant, and you keep taking the pill. What will happen?

  35. Sammy says:

    I am starting to seriously believe birth control can cause miscarriages. I went off the pill in November in hopes to start our family. By January I already had a positive pregnancy test and found out a couple weeks later I miscarried. Now I just recently found out I miscarried again. So, two miscarriages since November. I have been on the pill for 10 years til I went off this last November. I am still trying to figure out why I had two miscarriages right in a row… Do you know when it would be okay to start trying again? Like how long after going off the pill would it be more safe to get pregnant? I just don’t want it to happen again and I am scared it will. Any advice please. Thanks!

    • Hi Sammy,
      I’m so sorry for your losses. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Prayers and hugs are being sent your way. Honestly, while I’d love to help you out and give advice, since I’m not a medical professional, I can’t give you specific advice for your situation. I know different doctors will make different recommendations as to when it’s safe to start trying again after a miscarriage. As far as I know, it takes several months for the lining of your uterus to “rebuild” after being on the Pill (that’s what helps babies attach), but I’m not certain of any exact timing. I’m sure it’s also different for different women. I’d certainly recommend that you put yourself under the care of a good OB-GYN. Perhaps you could check out these two websites (http://www.aaplog.org/ and http://prolifephysicians.org/) to see if there is a pro-life one in your area who may better understand what the Pill can do. Please also keep in mind that your miscarriages may be caused by an entirely different reason, so please don’t blame yourself – no matter what, don’t blame yourself. This is not your fault; you have not intentionally done anything wrong; you love your babies, and I pray you will see them in Heaven one day. Hope this has been of some help to you. ~Hugs, Kristi

  36. am three weeks pregnant what an abortion, if i take birth control will it work for me?

  37. Abby says:

    I’m not a doctor, and I have not done nearly enough research on birth control and it’s effects to be certain that it does or does not cause accidental abortions. However, one thing about this issue confuses me: women take birth control in order to prevent pregnancy, and if those that do get pregnant on birth control go straight to an abortion clinic, then why does it matter if the pill could possibly cause a miscarriage? If the woman wanted the baby, she wouldn’t be taking a drug to prevent conception or implantation. Additionally, is there any exact way to figure out how many fetuses are miscarried because of a pill, and how many are simply miscarried because of an unrelated fetal defect? Is it not possible that a woman on the pill could have a miscarriage that had nothing to do with contraceptives and everything to do with the fetus simply being unable to function because of genetic factors?

    • Thanks for commenting! It matters, Abby, for a number of reasons. First, there are plenty of women who get pregnant on the Pill and DON’T go straight to an abortion clinic. Second, the Pill information is typically very deceitful to women. Women don’t often know that they could be causing a chemical abortion by taking the Pill. This information helps women realize the facts and stop an action that could end the life of their child. And third, no way to kill a child is okay. We wouldn’t say, well, this mother would drown her 5-year-old one day, so we might as well let her suffocate the child as a newborn instead. If killing a child is wrong, it’s wrong regardless of the method, and we need to make sure women are educated about what really can happen with medications that they take.

      And sure, I would imagine it’s possible that a woman could have a miscarriage on the Pill that had nothing to do with the Pill itself. But that still doesn’t take away from the fact that an early abortion CAN happen because of the Pill. (By the way, I always tell women that, if they weren’t aware of this information, and they had a miscarriage while on the Pill, they should not blame themselves or feel guilty. You’re not guilty of something that you had no idea about. We’re only responsible for the information we DO have.)

      Again, thanks for writing, Abby.

  38. Amanda says:

    A baby is a baby at conception. Once the egg is fertilized that is a baby. If a fertilized egg cannot attach because of birth control pills the baby dies. I realized after taking birth control pills that birth control pills prevent a fertilized egg from attaching. I just stopped taking the birth control pills the other day after watching a video and rereading the paper my birth control pills came with. The paper that came with my birth control pills said the birth control pills stop an egg from being released and can prevent a fertilized egg from attaching. I’m very upset because I don’t know if I released an egg and it got fertilized and I asked Jesus for forgiveness for my taking birth control pills. I know Jesus forgives. I’m never taking birth controls again.
    I also read months ago that the man who created birth control pills regretted making them!

    • Thanks for writing and sharing what you found out. I’m sorry you are feeling sad about having been on the pill, but I hope you feel good about being a responsible woman who read the info, looked at the facts, and faced the truth even though it was hard. That is what we all should do, and I don’t think we are held responsible for what we don’t know unless we are purposely avoiding finding out – which doesn’t sound like you at all. I believe the facts about hormonal birth control’s abortifacient effects are often kept and hidden from women. But When you heard something, you looked into it, and made the right decision. And yes, even for intentional things we do, Jesus absolutely forgives. Thanks again for sharing. Also, I’m evangelical, not Catholic, but I know a lot of women love the Creighton method of NFP. You may want to check it out 😉

  39. kayimbye Noah says:

    I need Financial assistance.. My wife and I are poor and we dont want to abort

    • Hi Kayimbye Noah, I’m very sorry for your situation. I would beg you and your wife to give your sweet child life even despite your circumstances. They will likely fade or change, but the death of a child cannot be undone. You have been given this son or daughter for a reason, no matter what it may look like right now. Also, I’m sure there are many who would love to help you and your wife and your baby. Could you tell me generally where you live? I may be able to identify groups or people in your area who can help. You can email me directly at kristibrown09@gmail.com. I’ll also send you an email to make sure you get this.

  40. Candace Byerly says:

    I don’t even know if this is the right place to put this but here goes anyways. I was two weeks pregnant and had I guess a miscarriage I went to church and felt like someone was putting the whole right side of my body through a cheese grader. I went to the hospital where I ad my first ultrasound and had to wait or what seemed like forever for the ER doc to come in and tell me there was no heart beat he then immediately told me I had two options, one do a DNC or two go home and get sick possibly die from infection. I was young and this was my first and only pregnancy so I reluctantly agreed to the DNC. a few months go by and I feel like my body is going through that same miscarriage pain all over again, it took three months to find a name for my condition I had endometriosis and ended up getting a hysterectomy at age 24. There where women from the church I was going to at the time that accused me of having an abortion cause they claimed the technical term for an abortion is a DNC to this day at age 2 I still do not forgive myself for the decision I made to get the DNC. I guess my question is dose a DNC count as an abortion did I kill my unborn child am I to blame for all this hatred I have had for myself all these years?

    • Oh Candace, I am truly sorry for the pain you have gone through. I grieve for the hatred you say you feel for yourself. Please know that NO, a DNC is not always an abortion. Yes, it is one main abortion procedure, but if the baby is no longer alive, a DNC is not killing your child. And a procedure that does not end your child’s life cannot be an abortion. For example, my own mom had to have a DNC after a miscarriage that she had. But her child had already died. She did not have an abortion. I am so sorry you were told that by so many people. If women are currently going through a miscarriage, and if one doctor tells them there is no heartbeat, some say a second opinion is a good idea. But sometimes — as you know all too well — there really, truly is no heartbeat. Mothers already have enough grief over losing a child through miscarriage. It is a tragedy that these mothers are told that a medical procedure they had to endure after their child’s death is an abortion. That is NOT TRUE. And I am SO sorry. I hope you can let go of the hatred you feel for yourself, and I can say as a Christian, that these women who told you these things were wrong. And God does not view you as a mother who took her child’s life. He mourns with you, not only for the life of your child, but also for the pain you have been put through. He wants to embrace you and shower you with His love. Let me know if there is anything more I can do or anything else I can answer.

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